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Audio: Lie After Lie by VA GOP Chair John Whitbeck; Kojo Show Doesn’t Call Him Out on Any of It


Another day, another #FAIL by the media. In this case, it’s the Kojo Nnamdi Show’s Politics Hour, which yet AGAIN had on a far-right Virginia Republican, yet again sat there and listened to him lie and lie and lie some more, and yet AGAIN didn’t call him out on any of it. In this case, we’re talking about VA GOP Chair John “Anti-Semitic Joke Dude” Whitbeck; check out the audio below. Just a few of his Whitbeck’s many lies, distortions, evasions, etc. include:

  • Whitbeck falsely claiming that the Northam vs. Gillespie race is a “tossup.” That’s not what the polls show, but alrighty…
  • Whitbeck trotting out the usual litany of right-wing falsehoods, including about the alleged “war on coal” supposedly being waged by Democrats (uh, try fracked natural gas undercutting coal, plus of course the plummeting cost of solar and wind, plus energy efficiency, plus Econ 101, plus…).
  • Whitbeck ranting about the supposed “three most extreme progressive” nature of the Northam/Fairfax/Herring ticket (no mention of his party’s AG nominee, who is a huge fanboy of extreme-rightwing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas).
  • Whitbeck claiming Northam’s a huge fan of tax increases (failing to mention that the main one he voted for was the Republicans’ transportation package under Gov. Bob McDonnell, House Speaker Bill Howell and Senate Republican Leader Tommy Norment — details, details).
  • Whitbeck stating that Donald Trump is “all in for Ed Gillespie…and should be.” LOL
  • Whitbeck dodging a question about his party’s war on federal workers and on Northern Virginia by claiming he’s a “Northern Virginia voter myself.”  Yeah, but that doesn’t change the fact that Whitbeck’s party is waging a relentless war on federal employees and on the federal government more broadly.
  • Whitbeck complaining about tolls, but simultaneously attacking Democrats for voting for the (Republican) transportation bill, which raised taxes to pay for transportation. Incoherent.
  • Whitbeck claiming he’s “shocked” at the tone of politics (de rigueur mention of Kathy Griffin, at the “quote/unquote resistance,” the “profane signs made of the president,” the “DNC chair never miss[ing] the chance to use a four-letter word when he’s speaking,” blah blah blah, but not taking ANY responsibility for the fact that his OWN PARTY is overwhelmingly responsible for this nasty tone.
  • Whitbeck claiming that “superstar” Barbara Comstock is unbeatable, also claiming liberals say “nasty, sexist, horrible things about her” (like what?).
  • Whitbeck being asked by a caller (not by the hosts, of course – god forbid they do their jobs!) what responsibility Donald Trump bears for the coarsening political discourse in this country, and totally failing to take any responsibility, but instead – wait for it – yep, lashing out at the “fake news” media, claiming that the Trump administration is rightfully “frustrated” with the supposed distortions of the media, how this supposedly NEVER happened to Barack Obama, yada yada. Pathetic “special snowflake” stuff as always from the Republicans.
  • Whitbeck arguing (laughably) that Ed Gillespie hasn’t contradicted himself on Donald Trump, one minute treating him like “he who cannot be named” and the next minute embracing him.

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