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Karen Keys-Gamarra and a Very Important Special Election in Virginia


Karen Keys-Gamarra is a Democrat running in a Special Election (coming right up on August 29th) for an at-large seat on Fairfax County’s School Board.  She’s got a great background for the job: she specializes in family law and works as court-appointed Guardian ad Litem for children in Northern Virginia.  Her years working with families in a legal setting makes her fully informed concerning the most serious problems that vulnerable children face.

This race is more important to the health of Virginia Democrats than it may at first appear.  Northam, Fairfax, and Herring can’t win without it and we know that we’re going to need every single vote in November in order to win.  Yes, we have won recent statewide races – but we have squeaked by.  We would be fools to count on Republican disarray to tip the scales.

Karen Keys-Gamarra’s race can serve as a wake-up call for Fairfax Democrats and as a springboard for creating new Democrats.  Attention to the School Board race can remind all those very many Dems who sit out off-year elections that they need to get out and vote.  Local Dems in Fairfax can use this race as an opportunity to register new voters, so that there’ll be that many more Dems to come to the polls in November to support our three top candidates.

And more than that:  there are Democrats running for three flippable House of Delegate seats in Fairfax, all of whom will be bolstered by energy generated for Karen:

40 – Donte Tanner (WEBSITE)

42 – Kathy Tran (WEBSITE)

67 – Karrie Delaney (WEBSITE)

So, Fairfax Democrats:   heed the call!   And everyone else – please tell every Democrat and progressive you know in Fairfax to mark their calendars for August 29 (absentee voting has already begun)!

More than anything, thousands of children will be helped if Karen Keys-Gamarra wins, and who could be more important?  Check out Karen’s website and consider a donation.



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