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Rep. Barbara Comstock Fundraising Down While Dem Opponents Raise Impressive $1.2M


Interesting information courtesy of the fine folks at Dump Comstock. Check out the Democratic candidates — Alison Friedman ($400k), Lindsey Stover ($307k), Dan Helmer ($247k), Jennifer Wexton ($202k) – and compare to Comstock ($441k). Also keep in mind that the Dem candidates were just getting going in 2Q2017, while Comstock had a fundraising operation already in place. Definitely time to “Dump Comstock!”

“Rep. Barbara Comstock has Disappointing 2nd Quarter”

Comstock fundraising down while Democratic opponents raise an impressive $1.2M

MCLEAN, VA – Yesterday was the FEC filing deadline for the fundraising period April 1, 2017 – June 30, 2017. The grassroots group, Dump Comstock, has analyzed the FEC reports along with self reported totals announced in the media. The results are disappointing for Rep. Barbara Comstock, who takes great pride in her fundraising prowess.

Comstock raised a total of $441,045 for 2017Q2. Notably, only $223,326 was raised in the form of individual contributions. The rest came from other political committees (PACs) and joint fundraising committees. Rep. Comstock’s totals are down $66,000 (13%) from the previous quarter and off pace by a whopping $245K (36%) from the comparable quarter in the previous 2016 cycle.

Meanwhile, Rep. Comstock’s opponents raised an impressive $1.2 million in the same quarter.  So far, there are at least seven declared candidates against Barbara Comstock. Fundraising totals have not been posted for all candidates, but the top four candidates alone have raised at least $1.2 million.

Alison Friedman:  $400,000 (self-reported, no FEC report posted yet)
Lindsey Stover:  $306,651
Dan Helmer:  $247,162
Jennifer Wexton:  $202,237 (unformatted raw FEC filing)

Notably, all of the candidates but Helmer announced their candidacy after the start of the second quarter. Helmer was also on reserve duty for twelves days during the second quarter, and was barred by military regulations from participating in all campaign activities (including fundraising).

Dump Comstock  is a grassroots group of citizens that formed for the sole purpose of defeating Barbara Comstock on November 6, 2018 and replacing her with someone who reflects the values of VA-10. Since its founding the group has grown to include over 1,500 members and has raised over $11,000 in three months from more than 300 contributors donating an average of $36 each. For more information on Dump Comstock please visit dumpcomstock.com.


  • sjberke1

    Comstock still has over $700K on hand, much more than any of the Dems who have reported. And (most likely) she won’t have to spend any money in a primary contest, which all the Dems likely will if there is one. Add her playing it smart on hot-button issues (she voted against the GOP health care bill and likely will again) and she will be tough to beat.

    The best thing Dump Comstock could do would be to encourage clearing the field and/or having a convention not a primary. Horribly undemocratic, I know, but maybe the best way to beat Barbara.

    • Yeah, unfortunately since we can’t have IRV in a primary, I’d lean towards a convention or “firehouse” or whatever…

    • Anonymous Is A Woman

      I’m inclined to agree this once that a firehouse primary or convention might be more effective for a lot of reasons.

      First, since Barbara Comstock will probably have no primary opponent, that will release a lot of Republicans with free time to vote in our open primary. BTW, that is a fear they have about us messing with their primaries too. And not without reason, as a bunch of Democratic activists openly bragged on Facebook about doing that in the Eric Cantor-Dave Bratt race a few years ago. I don’t think it was enough people to tip the race, but it did become an issue among disgruntled Cantor supporters. It was dumb to do, and even dumber for them to brag about it afterwards. I suspect some Republicans will think turnabout is fair play now. Be aware of this.

      Then, I am concerned about the strength of the various candidates. I think only one has sufficient experience and name recognition to successfully take on Comstock. Comstock masquerades as a moderate and it often works for her. She is a formidable candidate and even a well-funded unknown probably won’t be effective.

      Speaking of well-funded unknown candidates, I would love to know where the money came from for the two who raised the biggest bucks. Is it locals who know them or large national organizations helicoptering in? Is it single big bucks donations, or lots of small donors who are also voters? That is important too.

      Other issues, apart from the ability to raise money include, but are not limited to the following: are all of these candidates well known within their community or has their district been a bedroom community for them? What are their ties to the local Democrats in their district? And are they familiar with the local issues and attitudes of the voters in their district they seek to represent?

      I am not sure how important those concerns are to others, but how do the answers to those questions play out among voters?

      Personally, I would be more comfortable with a candidate who has had strong ties to the community, some experience, and an actual record as a representative serving the people’s interests. That, of course, describes Jennifer Wexton. I thought I’d end with that in the interest of full disclosure. She’s who I support.