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Rep. Barbara Comstock’s Constituents On the March in July 4 Parade 


From Dump Comstock:

Barbara Comstock’s Constituents On the March in July 4 Parade 

VA-10 Residents Demand that Comstock “Do Her Job”

LEESBURG, VA – Today the grassroots group, Dump Comstock, marched in the annual Independence Day parade in Leesburg, Virginia. The marchers were residents of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, where Republican Congresswoman Barbara Comstock is facing a tough reelection bid. The activists were accompanied by a large electronic mobile billboard bearing a picture of the representative, along with the words “Do Your Job – Hold a Town Hall.”  Rep. Comstock has never held an in person town hall since first being elected to Congress in 2014.

“One of the cornerstones of a democracy is that representatives hear from constituents at town hall meetings,” said Abbey Mansfield, a spokesperson for the group and a VA-10 resident. “But, Representative Comstock has never held a single town hall while serving VA-10.  So on all days — but especially today as we celebrate America’s birthday and our great democracy — we are out here to demand that Rep. Comstock do her job and to make sure our neighbors know her record.”

In years past, Comstock’s campaign team has been largely unopposed at the Leesburg parade. This year, however, Dump Comstock members were out in force, handing out their own lawn signs, buttons and bumper stickers. Balloons bearing the “Dump Comstock” logo were even made available to parents with small children.

Dump Comstock  is a grassroots group of citizens that formed for the sole purpose of defeating Barbara Comstock on November 6, 2018 and replacing her with someone who reflects the values of VA-10. Since its founding the group has grown to include over 1,500 members and has raised over $11,000 in three months from more than 300 contributors donating an average of $36 each. For more information on Dump Comstock please visit dumpcomstock.com.
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