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Saturday News: Alec Baldwin as George Washington as Donald Trump; Hans Von Spakovsky is Baaaaaack; “Trump, Melting Under Criticism”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, July 1.

  • Video: Disturbing exchange on the NewsHour last night…

    JUDY WOODRUFF: Well, it is true, David, that this is — it’s hard to find you said there may be a silver lining in fresh outrage, but beyond that, I’m not sure where it is.

    DAVID BROOKS: No. And, you know, the big question for me is, do we snapback? Do the norms that used to govern politics reestablish themselves after the Trump administration, or are we here forever? And I hope, from the level of outrage, that we have a snap back. But the politics is broken up and down. And Trump may emerge from a reality TV world that is much more powerful than we think. And there is the prospect that this is where we are, which is an horrific thought.

    JUDY WOODRUFF: Horrific thought.

    MARK SHIELDS: Yes, it is that.


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    Rachel Maddow nails it:
    Maddow: Trump behavior hurts the presidency, but he doesn’t care: http://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow/watch/maddow-trump-behavior-hurts-the-presidency-but-he-doesn-t-care-981068867877

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    Since the shooting at the baseball practice in Alexandria on June 14, how many mass shootings have there been in the U.S.?

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      Doing nothing is a choice. Therefore this is the life we have chosen.

      • It’s the life the NRA and its lackeys – almost all of whom are Republicans – have chosen.

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          I meant we as a society, I.e., the United States, of course. Everybody here. The NRA, gun manufacturers, and cynical politicians who have used gun rights issues to win elections are directly at fault for this. And the Heller decision.

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            So 25 people were shot in the Little Rock nightclub plus three trampled by the fleeing crowd. Made page A7 in the Washington Post. What story made A1? “Red states try to make blue cities toe the line.” It’s a story about tree preservation ordnances in Texas. Ok.

          • Actually, it’s about WAYYYY more than tree preservation; it’s about red states telling blue cities what they can and can’t do in EVERY area, from minimum wages to LGBT equality to…you name it.

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            I wonder though whether red state/blue cities accurately describes what is going on. Are they connecting dots that should be connected?

            Take the tree preservation ordnances for example. Why would people in rural areas care about whether a property owner in a city can cut down a big tree without city permission? Obviously they couldn’t care less. So what may be happening is that property buyers who want to make changes but are stymied by tree ordnances are pulling political levers to be rid of the troublesome ordnances. So it looks like a local political dispute (all politics is local) where one side of the debate is escalating the dispute to a state constitutional level.

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  • 2013 VA GOP Lt. Governor nominee and possible 2018 VA GOP U.S. Senate candidate: “Dems are like mental patients”


    • True Blue

      Just maybe EWWWWWW is why VA GOP chose to do a primary instead of convention? LOL!

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    “President who won’t release his tax returns wants to publish every registered voter’s social security number, DOB, and party affiliation.” Jason Kander, twitter

    It’s reported that Kobach and Von Spakovsky asked for this private data to be sent to an unsecured site. This sounds like another perfect “callout” for more Russian hacking on Trump’s behalf, not to mention future suppression tactics. I’m glad that Virginia leadership is refusing this!


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    Stars and Stripes says there are 6000 US soldiers on ground in Iraq, some directly in combat in Mosul