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Three VA GOP Delegates Backed by Koch Brothers Group Calling for ACA Repeal


From the Virginia House Democratic Caucus:

Three GOP Delegates Backed by Koch Bros. Group Calling for ACA Repeal

RICHMOND, Va. – As the Trumpcare debate in Washington rages, at least three Republican delegates are benefitting from the financial backing of Americans for Prosperity, a group founded by the Koch brothers that is calling for the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP) has spent money on mail in support of Delegates Bob Marshall, Rich Anderson, and Manoli Loupassi. The group has also opened an office to support Republicans in Prince William County.

All three of these Republicans are in districts won by Hillary Clinton in 2016, and all have remained silent on the ACA’s potential repeal.

AFP’s website includes a link to a petition asking Congress to repeal, describes the ACA as a “train wreck,” and offers no suggestion for a “replacement” or bipartisan improvements to the ACA. The group also has a project entitled  “The Road to Repeal,” which has invested over $200 million toward repealing the Affordable Care Act.

“Delegates Anderson, Marshall and Loupassi are directly benefitting from a Koch-funded organization whose number one goal is to take health care away from 32 million people,” said House Democratic Caucus spokeswoman Katie Baker. “This is not surprising, however, given that all three of these men voted to block Medicaid expansion and deny health coverage to 400,000 Virginians. Depending on which version of Trumpcare emerges, more than half a million Virginians could lose coverage. We ask Delegates Anderson, Marshall and Loupassi directly: do you, like the Koch Brothers backing your campaign, support repeal of the ACA?”


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