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Tuesday News: Trump Violates Boy Scouts Oath; McCain to Vote on Trumpcare — “Worst-Designed Social Policy in History”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, July 25. Also, if you have the stomach for it, here’s video of Trump’s disgusting, unhinged tirade last night at the Boy Scouts annual jamboree.

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  • Good news, courtesy of Yasmine Taeb:

    Great news from the DNC today on initial investment ($1.5 million) in Virginia’s elections this year:

    Today the DNC announced an initial $1.5 million investment in the Virginia governor’s race, which is the largest investment to-date by a Democratic group. We are sending a message – the DNC is all-in in Virginia and committed to electing Ralph Northam as governor as well as helping candidates up and down the ballot.

    This seven figure investment includes the immediate doubling of the number of grassroots organizers on the ground, as well as significant investments in digital, data, and tech infrastructure. We are so excited to be working in partnership with the Northam for Governor campaign, the Coordinated Campaign, and the Democratic Party of Virginia to help implement training programs, mobilize organizers across the state and implement constituency-specific organizing.

    Key components of the DNC’s investments include:

    The DNC will immediately invest in the coordinated campaign to double the number of organizers currently on the ground and assist with tech, digital, data, research, and communications capacity.

    Help implement training programs, boost with tools and technology, investment in constituency organizing and surrogate support.

    Additional staff and resources for GOTV, including a nationalized program to recruit, train, and organize volunteers outside of Virginia.

    A commitment to constituency-specific organizing across the state, including African-American, AAPI, Hispanic, rural and young voter mobilization.

    The DNC has also committed to building a volunteer program that will leverage state parties, partners, and the grassroots energy we’re seeing across the country into volunteers knocking on doors and turning out voters this fall.

    Under new CTO Raffi Krikorian, the DNC is investing in the voter contact tools the coordinated effort will need to win up-and-down the ballot in November.

    Since day one, Virginia Republicans have been in lockstep with Donald Trump’s attacks on working families. Our jobs from now until Election Day is to hold Republicans accountable and harness the anger, energy, and passion into real victories and real change.

  • Congressman A. Donald McEachin (VA-04), an Eagle Scout, issued this statement following President Trump’s inappropriate comments to a group of Boy Scouts:

    “I found President Trump’s remarks completely unacceptable. Boy Scouting teaches young men civility, honor, decency and patriotism, none of which the president demonstrated in his hysterical remarks to a group of impressionable young teenagers. Attacking your vanquished opponent, threatening to publicly fire an employee while undermining another one, calling for religious sectarianism – are actions beneath the dignity of the office of President and the antithesis of the core values of Boy Scouts.

    “My years of scouting taught me to work together to resolve problems, to search for our commonalities, to treat everyone with respect and to try to take the high road. Our president not only wasted an opportunity to set a good example for our youth, but his prattle was yet another example of how not to behave. I’m disappointed, as a Scout, that he totally missed the unique opportunity to impress young men who are eager to do right. It is clear that the President could learn a great deal from those scouts about how to serve your country with the dignity and honor it is due.”

  • As Senate prepares to vote on Trumpcare monstrosity, Trump falls to near-record low approval in Gallup poll (36%-59%)


  • Dan Rather:

    Donald Trump’s speech last night in front of the Boy Scouts of America was not only highly inappropriate. It was disgusting.

    I would like to hope it is a nadir in our country’s political discourse, but it seems like the slide downward only accelerates. So it stands as a sad encapsulation of our current age.

    No doubt many in the crowd were riled up by Mr. Trump’s stale rhetoric of “fake news” and lies about his “massive” electoral victory. But the Boy Scouts is a diverse organization with chapters in every corner of this nation. And today, many are no doubt wondering whether they belong in a group that is supposed to be built on community and service. Many of these boys may be wondering more broadly whether they belong in a country led by a man like this.

    Scouts learn the importance of being “trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.” How few of those adjectives apply to our current Commander in Chief. A man who can’t control himself to act in a manner befitting the setting, is a man without the steadiness of character to run a nation. A grown man who is so insecure as to seek affirmation in a group of teenagers is not a man with the maturity to lead a nation. A man who is so self-absorbed as to make every utterance about himself and his needs is not a man with the vision to elevate a nation.

    Part of being president is to be the leader of the entire country. And every president I can remember (and that’s a lot of them) revelled in moments when they had a venue to shake off the partisanship of Washington and speak in exalted tones to the people. But whether it’s dedicating an aircraft carrier or talking to Boy Scouts, Mr. Trump so far has seemed incapable of performing that simple task.

    Bluntly put – and there is no joy in having to say this – he is tearing apart the norms of our nation. So it is incumbent on those who recognize the damage being done to stitch back the bonds that unite us and work hard to muffle the echoes of his divisiveness.


    WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, a member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP) Committee, released a statement on the vote to proceed to a bill that takes away health care from tens of millions of people:

    “As one of my colleagues has said, not a single one of us came to the United States Senate to hurt people, but that is exactly what Republicans have set in motion with today’s forced vote on a secret bill. For many of my constituents in Virginia and millions of people across America, this bill likely means losing insurance or paying much more for health care.

    “I spent Friday volunteering at the RAM Clinic in Wise County, where thousands of people had traveled far from their homes—many of them sleeping in their cars and outside in the heat—to get care. The magnitude of the need was heartbreaking, and the message from these families was clear: ‘help us, don’t hurt us.’ As the wealthiest and most compassionate nation in the world, we must make our health care system better, not worse, for these families. We have to do our jobs to protect the health care of the kids whose parents who have been writing to me and asking Congress to stop this heartless bill.

    “This is about what’s right and wrong. This is about who we are as Senators. This is about what thinking, feeling, breathing, believing human beings in positions of leadership will do to help people, not hurt them. Americans—healthy and sick—need us to get this right, but Republican Senators got it wrong with today’s vote. In the coming days, I hope we’ll change course, move to a more open process, and get back to helping people.”

    ~ On Senate vote to proceed to consideration of Trumpcare legislation ~

    WASHINGTON – After Senate Republicans voted to move forward on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA), a member of the Senate Finance and Budget Committees, released the following statement:

    “Today’s vote will have very real and disastrous consequences for millions of Americans. The only question is how many people will be harmed, since Senate Republicans voted to move forward on a bill no one has yet seen but which we already know will raise costs and kick millions off their health insurance, including millions of children, elderly and disabled Americans who depend on Medicaid.

    “There is still time for reasonable Republican senators to abandon this partisan process. It is long past time for Republicans to sit down with Democrats and work on a bipartisan solution that actually improves our healthcare system.”