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Video: Rep. Gerry Connolly Nails It on “Authoritarian” Trump, “KGB Operative” Putin, Trump’s “Ominous” Assault on Free Press


Rep. Gerry Connolly nails it (see video below): “This is a president who has yet to criticize Russian interference with American elections, maybe because he was a beneficiary of it, I don’t know. He has been flattered by the fact that Putin, very cleverly, has said positive things about him. Putin is a KGB operative by training. He will read Donald Trump in a heartbeat. And I tremble at the thought that Putin could be alone in the room [with Trump]. I think Trump has to talk about how unacceptable Russian interference with our election process is as the president of the United States, and all the reports are that he has no intention of doing that. That’s tragic, it’s wrong. And frankly adds further taint to this president and his presidency…[Trump’s attacks on the free press are] how demagogues begin. I’ve always Trump was an authoritarian figure…It’s one thing to disagree with the press, no problem. But to attack them, to demonize them, to discredit the entire institution of a free press in a free society is a very ominous development and we need to resist that…I’d rather have a press be wrong than to have no vibrant free press at all.”


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