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DEADLINE THURSDAY! Why need to support Debra Rodman – endorsed by Perriello, VA AFL-CIO, Sierra Club, NARAL, Emily’s List

Debra Rodman is a fabulous candidate running to represent me in Virginia as a Democrat.  She is running against a Republican incumbent who voted to defund Planned Parenthood, led the fight against expanding Medicaid, is consistently against LGBT rights, tries to make voting harder for people without IDs, and says Trumpcare “is a good place to start”.
Debra, on the other hand, will vote to protect Planned Parenthood, make healthcare more affordable and accessible by expanding Medicaid, be a champion for the environment, and stand up for LGBT rights. We want to give the Republicans a little warning blast in Virginia before the 2018 blue wave.

The summer filing deadline is THIS THURSDAY August 31st!  Please do what you can to support Debra Rodman’s push to bring real progress to Virginia.


Not sold yet? Here are 3 more reasons why Debra Rodman needs your support today:

  • This is a flippable-district!

Hillary won this district by 7%. Voters in the 73rd embrace progressive ideas and policies that will have a real, measurable impact–but  Debra still needs funding to get her message out to the voters in her district.

We – you, me and our like-minded friends and neighbors – have the chance to kick out an extreme right-winger. And it’s about time.  John O’Bannon has held his seat for 17 years and Debra Rodman is only the second challenger he’s faced.

Let’s put an end to 17 years of complacency!

  • Debra Rodman has a slew of Endorsements !!

Just in the past 2 weeks, Debra has earned other endorsements from local and national organizations that recognize what she represents – a path forward for Virginians. Here’s who has endorsed Debra so far:

EMILY’s List

Sierra Club Virginia

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia

Virginia AFL-CIO

 Tom Perriello

Here’s what Kate Addleson, the Director of Sierra Club Virginia, said about Debra:

“Debra’s focus on putting Henrico’s families first, including putting forward smart policy on climate change, creating clean energy careers throughout the commonwealth and rejecting campaign


contributions from Dominion shows how great a partner she will be in the House of Delegates.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia’s Executive Director, Tarina Keene echoed those sentiments:

“Voters in District 73 are hungry for a change from extreme, anti-choice Delegate John O’Bannon…Debra Rodman is their answer. Debra will fight against the radical anti-choice agenda pushed by O’Bannon and his far-right colleagues in the House of Delegates and work to advance commonsense policies that actually help Virginians in the 73rd District. We’re thrilled to endorse Debra and we look forward to working with her closely in the years to come.”

  • Grassroots voices are stronger than corporations:

Since Debra jumped into this race in February, she has received almost 2,000 donations under $100 (one of them is mine — I love this woman!). Her opponent has received ZERO contributions under $100 in the month of June and has Koch Brother-funded PACs supporting his campaign.

Her campaign consistently has dozens of volunteers knocking doors every weekend no matter the weather and they’re making calls every night of the week.  That’s what representing the people actually looks like.

By contrast, her opponent held a telephone town hall in which he prescreened questions from participants. Why didn’t he meet voters face to face?

Don’t wait until Thursday to let Debra Rodman know you’re behind her.  The summer filing deadline is Thursday, August 31st. The time to act is now.

I donated already.   Here’s how you can, too.


In a nod to our 7% victory last November, can Debra count on you for $7?

Just $7 from each of us will go a long way to help this wonderful candidate win this November.

Click $$ HERE $$ to show your support for Debra Rodman.

THANK YOU from Dems and Progressives turning the VA GA blue!


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