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Audio: Tom Perriello, Ralph Northam Rip Graham-Cassidy & Ed Gillespie Flip Flop


Check out the audio, below, of Tom Perriello and Ralph Northam ripping the disastrous Graham-Cassidy ACA repeal bill and also calling out Ed Gillespie for his “absolutely stunning” flip flop on “an issue that affect the lives of millions of Virginians.” Here’s a partial transcript of what Tom Perriello had to say, but definitely listen to the entire audio.

Tom Perriello: “What we saw last night was absolutely stunning in terms of the speed of a flip flop on an issue that affects the lives of millions of Virginians. Ed [Gillespie] sat on stage and tried to signal opposition to what is an absolutely disastrous Graham-Cassidy bill. And within minutes of leaving the stage, something happened. We don’t know if he got a call from Donald Trump or something else, but within a matter of minutes had abandoned this kind of flirtation with moral leadership and gotten back on the party talking points. I can just tell you, as a Virginia, I really am concerned about someone running for governor who seems more worried about upsetting Donald Trump than upsetting 840,000 Virginians who might lose their health care….We have to realize this is playing with real human lives…the most radical replace bill yet…This is a moment in elections where people are looking for moral leadership…and when Gillespie stands on stage and tries to have it both ways and signal that he’s opposed to this bill and then flip-flop on that just minutes later, that really speaks not just to a person’s policy positions, but kind of where they’re taking their marching orders.”

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