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Corey Stewart Claims “NFL has been cowed by the radical left,” Calls for Boycott


This guy never fails…to appeal to the absolute worst in people, that is. I wonder if Ed Gillespie, Jill Vogel and John Adams are down with this.


Corey Stewart for U.S. Senate

Like millions of other Americans, I’ve been a fan of NFL football for years – I used to love watching the games with my dad and family – but I can tell you one thing, he would’ve been absolutely disgusted with the anti-American display being broadcast this weekend.

When these players take a knee during the National Anthem, they aren’t just disrespecting a flag or a song, they’re disrespecting every American patriot – and every American who has worn the uniform and died to keep us free.

If they Kneel, we will boycott!
If the Players, Owners, and Media Won’t Respect OUR Flag and OUR Veterans, We Will Boycott the NFL!
That’s why I turned the games off – and why I’ve got to ask you, Lowell – is it time for real Americans to boycott the NFL, its owners, players and the leftist media who endlessly push their insulting, divisive, identity politics attacks on our traditions and honor?

This isn’t the first time the NFL has been cowed by the radical left:

  • The NFL stood silent when the Rams attacked law enforcement with their “hands up don’t shoot” demonstration.
  • The NFL refused to allow the Dallas cowboys to honor fallen officers massacred by Black Lives Matter.
  • Unbelievably, the NFL even barred players from honoring 9/11 victims.

And now, the NFL is enabling the divisive, anti-American temper tantrums thrown by grown men who get paid to play a childhood game.

If you agree – it’s time Americans refuse to condone or support organizations which think they can push the politically-correct, leftist propaganda on our people incessantly – even when they’re just trying to enjoy a game.

Make an impact and send a clear statement to the NFL: Add your name to my “If They Kneel, We Boycott!” petition today!

And Lowell, if you agree with me help me get to Congress with a campaign contribution of $10, $25, $50, $100 or more after you’ve added submitted your name. You know I will always STAND UP for our shared America First, conservative values and call out liberal’s “PC” rants, but I need your help to get to Washington!

I’m counting on you.

For America,

Corey Stewart
Republican for U.S. Senate (VA)

P.S. I won’t sit by and accept the disgusting behavior of spoiled athletes, limousine liberal owners, and the constant propaganda of the liberal media, Lowell. If you want to help me send a message that actions have consequences, don’t hesitate, add your name now.




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