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Video: DNC Chair Tom Perez Fires Up Arlington Dems — “The Nation Is Watching What’s Happening in Virginia”


Video courtesy of Stephanie Clifford, from earlier this afternoon at the Arlington Democrats’ Labor Day chili cookoff.

  • From Philly to Norfolk! We're now celebrating #LaborDay at @BobbyScott's annual cookout with @rweingarten @RalphNortham @timkaine! #1u pic.twitter.com/Q0pMDDLZfc— AFT (@AFTunion) September 4, 2017

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  • Beautiful day honoring America's labor force with @AlexVADems. pic.twitter.com/mHxrcJW1Jy— Don Beyer (@DonBeyerVA) September 4, 2017

  • Rep. Don Beyer and DNC Chair Tom Perez in Alexandria on Labor Day


  • Rep. Don Beyer addresses Alexandria Dems on Labor Day 2017


  • Tom Perriello, Del. Alfonso Lopez, DNC Chair Tom Perez in Arlington on Labor Day 2017


  • True Blue

    Thanks for posting all the Dems; it was a bit depressing looking at Reps. I hope you had a happy birthday yesterday! Meanwhile, Chris Matthews thinks November’s race is all about statues. No, and where has he been lately?

    • Thanks, yes, had a good birthday…other than Trump being president of course. 😉 As for Chris Matthews, I generally try to ignore that guy.

  • Three of my favorite Virginia Dems – Don Beyer, Erica Jackson and Kip Malinosky


  • @FairfaxJustin in Buena Vista "you have to lift as you climb and bring people along with you" #GameOnVA pic.twitter.com/Wy1D3F7lGw— Chris Bolling (@cboll84) September 4, 2017

  • .@allspicecafeva receives 3rd place at @arlingtondems Chili Cook-off. @DonBeyerVA agrees @allspicecafeva is among the best in Arlington! pic.twitter.com/cQpnXj8kRc— Patrick Hope📎 (@HopeforVirginia) September 4, 2017

  • So happy to be at Congressman Bobby Scott’s Labor Day picnic. I’m ready to lead this fight—are you ready to join me? pic.twitter.com/6IDhohXKlU— Ralph Northam (@RalphNortham) September 4, 2017

    • ameri…canwork

      What is Ed’s policy on McAuliffes Executive Order 24?
      Will he still have the VOSHA/DOLI notification to DPOR of the detection of the use of unlicensed contractors by licensed contractors?

      All Licensed Building Contractors in Va. must have a VEC account and be subject to the VEC audit.
      No more free rides.
      End Labor Exploitatation in Va.!


  • A big THANK YOU to the #NewportNews Sheriff's Office for helping with the huge crowd today at @BobbyScott4VA3's #LaborDay Cookout pic.twitter.com/7OTFBUJsmx— Justin Fairfax (@FairfaxJustin) September 5, 2017

  • The team today at @BobbyScott4VA3 41st Labor Day picnic @LGRalphNortham @fairfaxforlg @MarkHerringVA pic.twitter.com/GySYfBrsig— Vivian J. Paige (@vpaige) September 4, 2017

  • From the Arlington County Democratic Committee:

    Standing Room Only Chili Cook-Off Kicks Off Final Leg of Election Season

    Arlington, VA – September 4, 2017 — Arlington County Democratic Committee’s annual Labor Day Chili Cook-Off sold out as Arlingtonians united to raise money for the election season the world is watching. The energy was high and the crowd was standing-room only as the Arlington Dems welcomed special guests Tom Perez (Chair, Democratic National Committee), Don Beyer (U.S. Representative, 8th District), Tom Perriello (CEO, Win Virginia and former U.S. Representative), Susan Swecker (Chair, Democratic Party of Virginia), and Arlington’s elected representatives and candidates from School Board, to House of Delegates, to State Senate.

    DNC Chair Tom Perez told the assembled crowd that the new DNC is here to elect not just the president, but everyone from the School Board to the Senate; he emphaticized that it is not enough to win the Governor’s office, but we need to elect down ballot candidates so Dr. Northam can govern. True to the Labor Day holiday, Perez, former Secretary of Labor, also focused on how Democratic values create a ladder to the middle class, noting that Dr. Northam stressed education and vocational training as the ticket to the middle class.

    Similarly, Erik Gutshall, the Arlington Dems-endorsed candidate for Arlington County Board told the crowd, “As a small business owner, I don’t need tax breaks — I need to know my employees will get to work because we have invested in a transportation infrastructure; I need to know they are ready for work because they have access to quality child care; and I need to know they can show up to work because they have access to excellent healthcare.”

    “Labor Day is a reminder of all the people who work hard to support our students,” said Democratic endorsee and School Board Candidate Monique O’Grady.” As our Arlington Public Schools teachers and staff welcome back our students to classrooms, I look forward to supporting them and listening to their insight about how APS can continue to best serve our students.”

    Tannia Talento, School Board member and Co-Chair of the Chili Cook-Off, said, “It is amazing to see the energy in Arlington – we know the importance of a sense of community, the importance of coming together, and the importance of Arlington’s role in keeping Virginia the kind of community we want to live in.”

    It was a great party to close out summer: among the chilis submitted were Delegate Rip Sullivan’s “Strong Enough to Flip the House Chili,” State Senator Adam Ebbin’s “The Nuclear Option,” Delegate Alphonso Lopez’s “49th District Strength in Diversity Chili,” and Congressman Don Beyer’s “Beyer Fire,” which won the award for Most Democratic Chili. The People’s Choice Award went to Arlington School Board member Reid Goldstein’s “Smoked Pork with Green Chilis.” Monique O’Grady’s “O’Grade-A Chili” won the Golden Gala Award and Erik Gutshall’s “Holy Molé Chicken Chili” won the Caesar Chavez Chili award.

    The Chili Cook-Off was the first of three Gold Card fundraising events raising money needed to elect Democrats from the School Board to the Governor’s mansion. Tickets to the remaining two events, Honoring a Senior Democrat and the Golden Gala, can be purchased at http://www.arlingtondemocrats.org/goldcard.