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Absentee-In-Person Voting in Arlington County: Take the Worry Out of Election Day!


by Mark Teel

Won’t be in Arlington County on Election Day for personal or business reasons?  Have you heard of Absentee-in-Person voting, or AIP?  You can vote Absentee-in-Person during the week from 8 am to 5 pm, between now and 3 November.  Can’t make it during the workweek? You can even vote NEXT SATURDAY.

Absentee- In-Person voting is currently available at the Arlington County Building (Courthouse Plaza – 2100 Clarendon Blvd., Suite 320).  For a full schedule and greater detail on eligibility requirements follow the link below:


Don’t like the phone calls, the mailings, the text messages?  Vote today, and the campaigns will have no need to keep bugging you for your vote!  Every person who has already voted, is someone that can be removed from the “target voter universe.”  No more knocked doors during dinner for you, and more resources devoted to less dependable voters for the campaigns – talk about a win-win solution!

Are you ready to vote Absentee-in-Person?  Just to review, some key takeaways (key takeaways always come in threes):

1) Absentee voting is already underway,

2) Over a dozen reasons for Absentee voting exist, including being out of Arlington County for business or personal reasons on 7 November, and

3) Absentee voting has been quick and easy so far this year with no lines or waiting.

If you didn’t learn anything new about Absentee-in-Person voting, please remember this: This election is huge.  Your vote is essential.  Have a plan to vote!


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