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Audio: Gov. McAuliffe, Rep. McEachin Blast Gillespie’s “Disgusting” New TV Ad


This new ad (see below) is appalling even by Ed Gillespie’s low, low standards. For a few thoughts by Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Rep. Donald McEachin, check out the audio, below.

Gov. McAuliffe
“Disgusted” at Gillespie’s “very divisive campaign.”
This ad takes a “page right out of Donald Trump’s playbook.”
Gillespie is “going into the gutter one more time”; this is “one of the most divisive campaigns that I have ever seen.”
Virginia is the 41st state with automatic restoration of voting rights; nothing unusual here.
“Everybody deserves a second chance.”
This is about restoring voting rights, not gun rights, and this doesn’t reduce anyone’s sentence.
“Ed Gillespie should be ashamed of himself,” his campaign has been “nothing but a disgrace to the voters of Virginia.”

Rep. McEachin
This ad is a “disgusting attack” by Ed Gillespie on “a man who served his country and community…a man of integrity and a man of character.”
Gillespie is running a “nasty, ugly campaign,” and it “says a lot more about Ed [Gillespie] than it does about Ralph [Northam].”
This ad shows that Gillespie doesn’t believe in second chances and “doesn’t know how to forgive.”

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