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Schuyler VanValkenburg Releases TV Ad: “Schools”


Note that HD-72 is a 49%-45% Clinton district located in increasingly “blue” Henrico County. So…go Schuyler VanValkenburg!

Public School Teacher Goes on TV with Ad Defending Public Education

Henrico, VA, 10/19/2017 – Schuyler VanValkenburg has released a TV ad in his campaign for the House of Delegates.  The ad, titled “Schools”, focuses on the disastrous consequences of Ed Whitlock’s education plan.  The ad will air on TV in 72nd district, and will also be shown online as part of a digital engagement strategy.

VanValkenburg issued the following statement:

“As a public school teacher, I know that Henrico Public Schools are the bedrock of our community.  My opponent wants to siphon money from public schools into unaccountable private and for-profit schools.  Voters have a choice this November 7th – they can support a public school teacher who will ensure that Henrico County Public Schools remain world class or a debt collection attorney who will drain resources from public schools and force taxpayers to fund two separate school systems.”

VanValkenburg is the only candidate in the race currently on television, and is the first candidate for Delegate in the Richmond area to release a TV ad.  The ad may be viewed by clicking on the link below.



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