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TOP 5: Jill Vogel Running from Her Record and Embracing Party of Trump Ahead of Final Lt. Gov. Debate


From Planned Parenthood:

TOP 5: Vogel Running from Her Record and Embracing Party of Trump Ahead of Final Lieutenant Governor Debate

Richmond, Va. – Tonight, Justin Fairfax and Jill Vogel will participate in the second and final lieutenant governor debate at University of Richmond Law School. Vogel has spent the last several days leading up to the debate running from her anti-women and anti-LGBT voting record, while also embracing the Party of Trump. Here are the highlights:

  1. Despite multiple anti-LGBT votes her campaign showed up at Virginia’s 2017 Pridefest in Richmond claiming to support the LGBT community.
  2. Vogel released a new misleading ad on “women’s issues” that is silent on her consistent efforts to shame women and undermine their access to a full range of reproductive health care.
  3. More rainbow Vogel stickers … and Vogel herself showed up at Northern Virginia Pride! Her anti-LGBT votes next to her recent Pride campaign stops are “Jill come lately” at best and exploitative of the LGBT community at worst.
  4. Team Vogel corrects the record for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, leading Jeff Schapiro to conclude, “@JillHVogel has been running from @realDonaldTrump and the dinged GOP brand longer than a lot of people realize!”
  5. Vogel welcomes a second Trump adviser to her campaign team, seemingly recognizing that she can only distance herself from the GOP — and the head of her party — so much.

Vogel’s voting record as a state senator and campaign for lieutenant governor prove that she is not the strong advocate that Virginia women or members of our LGBT community need. Her embrace of Trump’s leadership proves that she will not stand up or fight back against his administration’s dangerous policies.

Virginians have a strong advocate in Justin Fairfax who will not waver on the issues that matter most like civil rights and healthcare access. Fairfax is a proven champion for reproductive rights who will be a consistent ally and advocate for women, members of the LGBT community, and all Virginians, as lieutenant governor.


Paid for by Planned Parenthood Virginia PAC. Authorized by Justin Fairfax, candidate for Lieutenant Governor.


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