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Video: Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart Goes After Jimmy Kimmel, NFL, Discussion of Banning “Bump Stocks”


In this unhinged video, neo-Confederate nutjob and 2018 VA GOP U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart: 1) claimed liberals/the “doofuses on the left, including Hillary Clinton and of course Tim Kaine” were trying to “exploit” the Las Vegas tragedy; 2) bragged about his appearance on Fox (where else? LOL) this morning, where he mocked a gun violence prevention advocate’s “phony” “outrage” and claimed the “left is always outraged”; 3) claimed that the left “has no morality” or “dignity,” also that the left doesn’t “believe in the constitution”; 4) said that since Johnny Carson, late-night TV has gone completely downhill because the hosts got “too political” and are not funny any more, plus shouldn’t be expressing their political views because supposedly nobody cares; 5) ripped Jimmy Kimmel as not funny and for supposedly “exploiting” the victims of the Las Vegas shooter to “make his political point” in an “absolutely disgusting” way; 6) said that the NRA’s position with regard to outlawing “bump stocks” is wrong, that “gun bans don’t work…and they never will work” and that he’s “much more aligned with the [Virginia Citizens Defense League – VCDL]; 7) said he completely agreed with someone who said “taxes are theft”; 8) said he absolutely agreed that “‘snowflakes’ are ignorant and pathetic”; 9) of course went on a rant about the NFL and “taking a knee”; 10) entertained some weird conspiracy theory about the NFL and George Soros (don’t ask); etc, etc.

So why should you care about any of this crazy guy’s unhinged, extremist ravings? Because, sad to say, Corey Stewart epitomizes today’s Virginia GOP, also is their likely nominee for U.S. Senate next year against Sen. Tim Kaine. I’d also note that Ed Gillespie is busy trying to rev up enthusiasm among Stewart supporters by stoking xenophobia and by demagogic fearmongering — which kind of tells you all you need to know about Gillespie.


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