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Video: Reporter “violently arrested while covering” Ed Gillespie in Annandale, Virginia


Just a few comments on the tweet/video (see below) and story, which kind of speak for themselves:

1) Damn, Ed Gillespie really REALLY doesn’t want to answer questions by Virginia voters!
2) The police reacted like that for…what reason, exactly?
3) Any comment from the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors on this incident?
4) I eagerly await the outrage from John Whitbeck, Garren Shipley and other GOP/right-wing operatives about this incident, since…oh forget it, of course there won’t be any outrage, because it wasn’t a Republican being slammed to the ground, blocked from asking questions, etc.

  • Video: Reminds me of the final days of the Jim Webb vs. George Allen race in 2006


    • muppetzinspace

      Deja vu all over again!

  • eric414

    Kind of remarkable…what were these cops thinking? Didn’t they realize the reporter was white?!

    Sad to see. Watching this takes one through steps of how this abuse happens all the time: Cop walks up to guy who clearly had been targeted who is standing on sidewalk and starts telling him to get off the street. When reporter isn’t cowed and points out he’s on the sidewalk, cop arrests him and then violently takes him down, intentionally pushing his face into concrete. Remarkable that police haven’t learned yet to check for someone filming from 5 ft away before doing all of that and then claiming their actions were in response to things the victim clearly didn’t do.

  • HokieAnnie

    The footage just aired on NBC4, they played it pretty much as Media Blue did. It was immediately followed up by a piece on Ralph Northam visiting a teenager recovering in the hospital in Leesburg after an accident that killed his mother. What a contrast, Ed Gillespie getting reporters roughed up, Ralph Northam caring about a teenager facing a long heartbreaking recovery.