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Danica Roem Explains Why Virginia Republicans Got Their Clocks Cleaned on 11/7


Delegate-elect Danica Roem nails it in this tweetstorm about why Virginia Republicans got their clocks cleaned on November 7. The only other thing I’d add is the Trump effect, but that ties in with a lot of what Danica talks about – racism, xenophobia, demagoguery – so it makes a lot of sense. Anyway, enjoy! (note: bolding added by me for emphasis)

Since the election, I’ve repeatedly heard these Republican talking points about why they lost, basically making Democratic voters out to be too dumb to vote Republican and caring too much about identity politics. At risk of giving them good ideas, let me break this down. /1

1) I spent 10 months detailing my plan to fix : how much it would cost ($300M), how to pay for it (reallocating 28-66 funds), what it would look like (replace traffic lights with overpasses) & how I would get it done (local+state). Y’all hit me on “transgenderism.” /2

2) At the state level, y’all made a pediatrician who volunteers at a children’s hospice out to be a member of MS-13 and campaigned throughout the state on Confederate statues and fiscally reckless tax cuts your own state senators called BS. And you wonder why you lost? /3

3) Here in Manassas, and I talked relentlessly about jobs. Roads. Schools. Health care. Equality. I know this because Lee and I saw each other on the stump constantly. And y’all went after us for and “teaching transgenderism to kindergartners” and “socialism.” /4

4) When you spend an entire year just trying to make people afraid of people in their community and you apply this asinine labels as if you’re trying to make people afraid of an ideology or an idea, then you’re neglecting the very basics of governing to divide our communities. /5

5) Look at the BS the Democrats in PWC had to put up with from y’all this year. Racism. Xenophobia. Transphobia. When I went on offense in my TV ad, I had a first-person testimonial from someone in PWC who your policies left uninsured. You hit me for my band and my gender. /6
6) Bottom line: Knock off the divisive BS and actually campaign on boring stuff like infrastructure because it’s the boring stuff that the people pay you with their tax dollars to work on so they don’t have to focus on it. That’s literally your job. Try doing it. /7
One more thing: Stop believing your own headlines. I knew beyond a shred of doubt we would win this race when y’all actually, sincerely thought based on a POS robo poll that 27% of Dems wouldn’t vote for me if they knew I’m trans. 1) Wrong. 2) Stop attacking trans people.


  • Arthur Bagnall

    Brilliant, clear and true. WOW.

  • dave schutz

    As she notes, ‘risk of giving them ideas’… Dems had the huge advantage of Trump revulsion and Roem herself had the huge advantage of running against a superannuated nut case. The Reeps are unlikely to keep giving away the store like that. Therefore: focus like a laser on making Route 28 work, and by the way making sure that VA state pension system is fully funded and our university system continues well respected. Nuts n bolts, that’s the secret.

  • Harry

    The next target has to be 2019. PWC is a majority minority county with only 44% of the population being white non-Latino. BOCS Chairman Stewart’s new best friends are white suprmacists, neo nazis and now he even supports a pediphile for public office. Three member of the BOCS are controlled by the “Sheriff of Nottingham” a local blog that is against anything that improves the schools – PWC has the largest class size in the state and sports 220 trailers and out houses, the schools may as well be in a third worls country, think Somolia, regarding educational facilities. The School Board has been on a building frenzy but can not dig itself out of a decade starvation led by Chairman Stewart, and with no additional funds in sight things are only going to get worse. Supervisors Candland, Anderson and Lawson, the no tax increase, even a penny for schools crowd continue to crow about how supportive they are of schools and then demand a tax rate the makes the situation worse. The BOCS needs a complete change of complection in 2019 and it’s up to voters to make the change.

    • Couldn’t agree more – clean house of ALL those Republicans in 2019!