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Dave Belote Suspends Campaign for Congress in VA-02


From the Dave Belote for VA-02 campaign. Belote’s withdrawal leaves Karen Mallard and likely other candidates to come (note: I’ve heard rumors that State Sen. Lynwood Lewis probably won’t run, also that another candidate is likely to enter the race soon).

For Immediate Release: Belote Suspends Campaign for Congress

Today, Dave Belote, leading candidate for Congress in VA-02, announced he is suspending his campaign. Over the past few months increasingly important family health issues have required Dave’s personal attention. Regarding the announcement, Dave said, “Today I’m suspending my campaign for Congress. It’s a sad commentary on healthcare in America that in order to give my mother what she needs, it requires more than my father, a career civil servant, can afford. It’s also a sad commentary on American politics that you can’t run for office while caring for an ailing parent. I hope that our next Member of Congress will be able to address these issues so Americans of all income levels have access to quality care and can participate in our political system.”

The full text of a letter sent to supporters is below:

Dear friends,

It’s difficult to write these words – not only because of the faith you’ve invested in me, but because of what they mean for the people I love most – but life has thrown me and my parents a curve ball, and I have to suspend my campaign.

Many of you know that I moved home four years ago to be able to help my folks, and I’ve woven their stories into my campaign. In the last week, we’ve learned that we need to move my mom, a dementia patient with a propensity to wander, from my dad’s side and into memory care.  At the same time, we’ve recognized that my dad needs his kids to step up; like many Americans who face similar late-in-life challenges, he’ll need a hand evaluating treatment options and ensuring Mom gets everything she needs.

Fortunately, I’m in a position to help him with both – but I can’t do that adequately while maintaining the effort level and focus that a successful Congressional campaign demands.  For the next few months or years, Mom and Dad will come first, and my personal political aspirations can wait.

As I wind down the Vote Belote campaign and pay the final bills, rest assured I’ll invest remaining funds in candidates and causes we believe in.  Last Tuesday we saw the best Democratic performance in VA-02, and especially in Virginia Beach, that we’ve seen in a decade.  I’ll do all I can to push that Blue wave into 2018 and beyond.

Thank you for your understanding, and your belief in me.  Please feel free to reach out with questions, and stay in touch!

With deepest gratitude,



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