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Here’s what we want to accomplish in VA-01


by Edwin Santana, Democratic candidate for Congress in VA-01

When I decided to run for Congress I had three major issues that were important to me. Our campaign has been listening to the men and women of the district and we have decided on three additional issues we will continue to fight for every day. In this post I want to give a brief summary of our core six pack of ideas. In following posts I will dedicate an individual post to each issue, going into detail on why I the issue is important, and how our campaign will address the problem. Below is a summary of these six issues:

  1. I believe healthcare is a fundamental human right. Every man, woman, or child, regardless of income, should have quality health coverage. I will advocate for a Single Payer system and believe it is the best method to achieve universal health coverage.
  2. I believe a public education is the great equalizer in this country. There is no better way to invest in the future of our country than through our children’s education. I will work to strengthen our public school system and reinvest in our state colleges and universities. I’m opposed to taxpayer funded charter and private schools.
  3. We will ensure economic opportunity for all Americans. We can do this in Virginia by investing in green energy manufacturing and skills training and by establishing a $15 minimum wage.
  4. Push broadband internet to every home, and ensure freedom of access by instilling Net Neutrality through law. Broadband internet will open economic and education opportunity for millions of Americans.
  5. Protect the local environment. Clean air, clean drinking water, and protecting the Chesepeake are non-partisan issues. In the Marine Corps, our motto was to leave things better than we found them.
  6. Combat sexual assault and sexual harassment in the United States. Nearly half of all women and one in five men will be victims of sexual violence in their lifetime. That is a non-partisan issue that effects almost every American. We have a plan to reduce sexual assault and harassment in colleges, the military, and in work places.

This is just a summary, and we will deep dive into each of these issues with individuals post going into depth on each. Don’t hesitate to post any questions you may have about our policy agenda, and if you can, chip in $10 to help our campaign spread this message.

Virginia CD 1 – Edwin Santana





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