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Video: Kenton Ngo Reviews the 2017 Virginia Elections – “Be Bold, Be Brave”


Great job by Kenton Ngo tonight at Del. Patrick Hope’s annual “Pizza and Politics with Patrick” event. According to Kenton, it’s super important to have candidates with great stories, and Democrats had that this year. Another important lesson is to “be bold, be brave” in terms of what our candidates look like – “one of most interesting findings from Danica Roem’s election was that she ran basically at the same level as most of the other challengers in terms of how many points she ran behind Ralph Northam…there wasn’t [a penalty for running a transgender candidate].” Also, you need to have “bio and issues” that work together. And you have to have a team effort, which we had this year in Virginia. Third, the suburbs are going Democratic. Finally, “celebrate a little bit!”


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