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Whiff of Desperation in Henrico: Is that Eau de Putin I Smell?


OK, it’s on a small and very amateur scale compared to what the big boys have been up to, I’ll admit, but the Virginia GOP really hit a low with this antic.

Courtney Lynch on CNN describing how she learned about leadership in the Marines.

So, yeah for Our Team!  We must be closing in or they wouldn’t risk this stupid stuff!  Courtney Lynch’s race is super important for Virginia Democrats  – and Republicans.  If Courtney wins, we get a majority on the Henrico Board of Supervisors and that will make a world of difference to Henrico’s children (the Board controls the school budget and eastern Henrico always gets short-shrifted) and the rest of us, too.

Bringing out Courtney’s bluish-purple district on November 7 will help us win statewides and a couple of delegate seats, too.

You can help Courtney fight the Henrico “apparatchiks” now!


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