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Audio: “Inside the State Water Control Board meetings for the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipelines”


Bottom line: There is no serious economic rationale for building these pipelines (in fact, quite the contrary, as these boondoggles will cost Virginians billions of dollars and likely end up as “stranded assets” in a few years), and there is CERTAINLY no environmental rationale for building them, given their contributions to global climate chaos as well as other environmental damage. Now that the pipelines cheerleader-in-chief, Terry McAuliffe, is moving on, it’s time to for incoming Gov. Northam to “move on” as well – from Dominion Energy and other interests pushing for these idiotic, destructive fracked-gas pipelines. One thing’s for sure; unless/until these pipelines are canceled, opponents aren’t going away and we’re not going to be quiet. So get used to that!


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