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Joshua Cole Reiterates Call for Special Election in HD-28


From the VA House Dems:

Joshua Cole Reiterates Call for Special Election in HD-28

STAFFORD COUNTY, Va. – Rev. Joshua Cole, an area pastor, today reiterated his call for a new election in HD-28, where 147 people were disenfranchised after casting ballots in the wrong House District.

Following a recount last week, the margin between Cole and Republican Bob Thomas narrowed to 73 votes, less than half the number of voters who cast ballots in the wrong House District.

The Virginia Department of Elections issued a report stating that 147 people received ballots for the wrong House District in the HD-28 race. That number consists of:

  • 61 people from HD-28 who were given ballots for HD-88
  • 61 people from HD-88 who were given ballots for HD-28
  • 25 people from HD-28 who were given ballots for HD-2

The Washington Post and Daily Press editorial boards have both called for a new election, with the Post noting that the results are “irreparably tainted.” The Commissioner of the Department of Elections has also called for a federal remedy.

Cole chose not to contest the election within the House of Delegates, stating: “A contested election is a remedy for the candidate, not the disenfranchised voters. My whole campaign has been about fighting for the people of the 28th District. The decision as to who should represent them should be placed squarely in their hands, not in those of 100 politicians in Richmond. Our campaign looks forward to a scheduled hearing on Jan. 5 in Alexandria, in which a federal court will hear arguments in a case brought by voters, for voters.”


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