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Video: Shelly Simonds Goes National, Is a Natural!


Great job by Delegate-elect “Landslide Shelly Simonds” on national TV this morning (see video below). I’d say she nailed it in terms of presentation and content; on the latter, she stressed the “great citizen engagement after the Women’s March,” regular people “getting active and taking charge,” a bunch of progressive groups who helped out by giving them the “tools that they need to really get engaged in state elections.” And, most importantly, Simonds stressed the crucial importance of state elections, while correctly analyzing the main source of political energy this year as “the events going on in Washington…the tax debate…healthcare debate” plus all the “young people coming out to vote.” On Medicaid expansion, Simonds said she certainly hoping that we can get that done, that “everyone’s paying attention” right now. I also loved Simonds talking about putting in REAL family-friendly legislation (e.g., maternity leave), as opposed to the phony “party of family values,” which talks about helping families but then goes about screwing them over in every way.

By the way, note to the Morning Joe folks: we picked up 16 seats, not 15 as you kept inaccurately saying — and still counting, as we’ve got yet ANOTHER potential pickup in HD-28. Stay tuned!


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