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Video, Tweets From Last Night’s Raucous Charlottesville City Council Meeting


Coy Barefoot: “Charlottesville-Councilor-elect Nikuyah Walker went before Council tonight at about 11:15pm near the close of the meeting during the final public comment period. She passionately made clear her view that City Manager Maurice Jones and Police Chief Al Thomas should not be fired or asked to resign — because they are African-American. She said the real source of blame for what happened on August 12 was ‘centuries of systemic racism and oppression in this community” and that responsibility should not be laid “on the backs of two black men.'”

“In nearly 30 years of watching Charlottesville City Council, I have NEVER seen a Council this unable to maintain order in its own chamber at public meetings. Yelling out, disrupting and interrupting by members of the public has never before been this common at all their meetings.”

“it appears that an increasing faction of the Left want to live in a country without a First Amendment right to free speech. where speech that threatens, hates, or makes anyone uncomfortable in any way is simply NOT PERMITTED. they believe that hateful speech (and they will be the ones to decide what is hateful and what is not) is itself a direct species of violence, and should therefore be met with violence. Violence that opposes hateful speech is righteous and moral and necessary, in this view. History is not shy about what happens in societies that adopt this kind of authoritarianism. it ain’t pretty. it’s ugly. it’s scary. Progressives should be awake to the fact that the Left is being radicalized in its own powerful ways, as is the Right. Meanwhile, those of us who still believe in democratic ideals are wondering what the hell is going on. Welcome to the Upside Down.”

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