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After Prolific Tweets Touting Commitment to Transparency, Virginia House Republicans Kill Bill to Require Subcommittee Meetings to Be Recorded


From the Virginia House Democratic Caucus:

After Prolific Tweets Touting Commitment to Transparency, House Republicans Kill Bill to Require Subcommittee Meetings to Be Recorded
RICHMOND, Va After touting their fight for transparency in a series of at least 13 Tweets over the last ten days, House Republicans on the Rules Committee today killed Delegate Mark Levine’s bill to require that subcommittee meetings be streamed and archived for their constituents.

In response, Delegate Levine issued the following statement:

“When I first came to Richmond two years ago and co-founded the Virginia Transparency Caucus (the VTC), the House Republican Leadership didn’t stream or archive committee meetings. They didn’t even record subcommittee votes.

“When efforts to request more transparency failed, my co-founder and I circulated a letter in the House of Delegates and the Senate to the clerks of our respective bodies demanding transparency. An astonishing 85 members, or more than 60% of the General Assembly (and a majority in both chambers) agreed with Senator Amanda Chase and me that our constituents had a right to know what we were doing in Richmond.

“We are grateful the House Republican Leadership this year agreed to satisfy the vast majority of Members and the People of Virginia by finally streaming and archiving committees. And we are grateful the House Democratic Leadership, in organizational negotiations this year, successfully demanded from Republicans the recording of subcommittee votes.

Sometimes movement only happens when members of an organization drag its leadership to do the right thing. I’m confident this will happen in the future as it has in the past. One day soon House Leadership will record subcommittees, either because Republicans accede to the the will of the members of the General Assembly, or because Democrats take over and make it happen.”

See thirteen of the House Republicans’ recent tweets, some with graphics, below:

  • True Virginian

    I have to agree with the democrats on this one. Republicans need to be more transparent. All politicians for that matter. Rejecting this bill makes us look like we are trying to hide something.

  • ameri…canwork

    Democrats should be transparent ALSO!
    What did Governor McAuliffe do with the data that the Employee Misclassification Task Force discovered under his term?

    1)What was the percentage of unlicensed contractors referred to DPOR for investigation?
    2) What percentage had Fed Tax ID numbers?
    3) What percentage held VEC Accounts?
    4) What percentage of Licensed contractors who were violating Prohibited Acts of Statute 54.1-1100 Subcontracting to the unlicensed contractor held VEC accounts?

    To bad Democrats in Va are not against payroll fraud.
    Just how much does Va spend annually in Building Trades education?
    And you don’t enforce the law?
    Why do both of my last questions exist?
    I wonder if the Workers Compensation Insurance Industry know how much money that they are losing in Va to lost premiums.