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AP Scoop Epitomizes “Dominion Dick” $a$law’s “Pay-to-Play” Corruption


Sadly, this scoop by Alan Suderman of the AP is not only not surprising, it’s exactly what I expected was going on between Dominion Energy and its corrupt minions, like Sen. Dick Saslaw. Check this out (bolding added by me for emphasis):

When the Democratic Party of Virginia publicly criticized a Republican state senator a few years ago for being too cozy with Dominion Energy, the state’s biggest corporate political donor vented to one of its most reliable political allies.

I was very disappointed to see this, especially considering how our company has supported Democrats over the years,” Dominion executive Bob Blue wrote in an email to Senate Democratic Leader Dick Saslaw. “As you know, many of us have been personal supporters as well.” 

Saslaw, one of Virginia’s most influential elected Democrats, quickly apologized and criticized the state party for not doing its “homework” on “how generous Dominion has been to me” and others in the party. The company and its executives have given about $350,000 to Saslaw in the last 15 years, by far his biggest source of campaign funds.

Can corruption and “pay to play” get any more blatant than that? And now, of course, “Dominion Dick” is not just carrying Dominion’s preferred wish list in the State Senate, he’s also busy spewing lies, disinformation and Dominion propaganda to his constituents. Oh, and typical of this foul-mouthed bully, when called on his corruption, “he erupted when a reporter asked whether Dominion executives had ever reminded him of their giving” and laughably tried to claim that the hundreds of thousands of Dominion dollars he’s received over the years don’t “affect my votes.”

And if you believe that one, I’ve got a fracked natural gas pipeline or two I’d like to sell you on…

P.S. Oh, and if all that weren’t slimy enough, how about this breaking news on Dominion’s sweetheart rate freeze legislation: “The State Corporation Commission analysis of the new proposals concludes that the Senate bills as initially written would extend the current rate freeze and limit what rate payers can get in refunds.” Screw that!


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