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Video: Virginia House GOP Leader Todd Gilbert Super Sad Over Gov. Northam’s Progressive Agenda; House Dem Leader David Toscano Responds


My god, this is so pitiful it’s amazing: Virginia House GOP leader, Del. Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah), who I’ve heard from many Democrats is one of the biggest bullies around, is now super sad (quick, somebody call a waaaaaaaaaaambulance for this guy! LOL) because Gov. Northam had the AUDACITY to lay out a strong Democratic, progressive agenda in his speech last night. [note: you know Northam’s doing something right if it elicits the response it’s gotten from Gilbert et al — keep up the good work!] Can you imagine such a thing? I mean, a Republican governor would certainly NEVER do such a thing, right? Nor would General Assembly Republicans, with only the slimmest of majorities in each chamber, even THINK of using their tiny majorities to stack committees, kill Democratic legislation without even a floor vote, etc. Right?

Oh wait, of course Republicans would act like that and ARE acting like that — because that’s what bullies do, and people like Todd Gilbert are almost the dictionary definition of a bully. Of course, we know what happens with most bullies when someone pushes back hard against them – they often run away, whining about how unfair it all is, how mean everyone is to them, etc. Which, if you watch Gilbert’s whiny speech (see video below), pretty much fits the description. Sad! In stark contrast, check out House Democratic Leader Toscano’s mature, serious, adult response to Gilbert’s whiny rant, and ask yourself which party you’d rather have leading Virginia. The choice is glaringly obvious.

  • DPVA Chairwoman to GOP: Virginians asked you to solve problems, not duck them

    Richmond, Va. — Democratic Party of Virginia Chairwoman Susan Swecker released the following statement urging Republican leaders to stop hiding behind shrill partisan attacks and start working with Governor Northam and Democrats to solve problems that Virginians are facing:

    “Within hours of Governor Ralph Northam’s asking members of the General Assembly to ‘deal with each other with civility and understanding,’ Speaker Kirk Cox and Republican leadership hastily called a press conference to hide behind partisan talking points rather than offer solutions to real problems.

    “The Speaker and his dwindling caucus should be focused on working with the Governor to improve workforce development, provide healthcare to 400,000 Virginians currently without it, and address the gun violence epidemic – not hyperventilate at partisan press conferences. Governor Northam asked us all to ‘put the common good ahead of our own partisan instincts.’ Republicans should heed his call and get to work. ”

  • Harry

    Anyone that has contact with Gilbert knows he’s as dumb as a rock and a complete horses a$$.

    • He’s a goon and a right-wing extremist, but I’ve heard he actually isn’t stupid.

  • RobertColgan

    Summary of Todd Gilbert’s speech:
    “Omigod !!! I can’t believe Northam doesn’t get that Bipartisanship” means “voting for all things GOP endorsed. What is wrong with that man?”