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I Hope Rachel Brand Isn’t Just Abandoning Her Post


Rachel Brand is leaving her job at the Justice Department. She’s been # 3 there, just below Rod Rosenstein, and would ascend to Rosenstein’s job — including supervising the Mueller investigation — if Rosenstein were to be ousted. So she is in the position that Ruckelshaus was in during the Saturday Night Massacre.

It is not known, apparently, why she left. But the discussion I heard on Ari Melber’s show THE BEAT centered on the idea that it was unpleasant to be at the Justice Department, that she didn’t want to be in the line of fire with this abusive President, and that she had a great offer from the private sector. They gave no indication they didn’t think that would be OK for her to do.

I surely hope that there is some better reason, even that there’s some reason that she judges she can somehow play a more constructive role from outside the Justice Department– in terms of being a witness, or something. She is said to have integrity, so I am imagining that Rachel Brand does have some better reason.

I think it would be a failure of patriotism on her part if she left because it would be better for her. Staying may entail unpleasantness and certain kinds of danger, but she just happens to be situated in a position of some importance in the battle to defend the rule of law.

We are at a dangerous moment in American history: the future of the United States hinges at this moment on a battle over the rule of law, over whether the investigation will be able to proceed to the proper conclusion, or whether it will be blocked or hijacked by President Trump and his allies.

It is unlikely that anything else these people – Rosenstein, Mueller, and Rachel Brand — will do in their lives will be as important a contribution as the one they can make from the positions they now hold.

Just as we expect a soldier who finds himself at the crux of the battle to be prepared to make personal sacrifice, if such is needed, to help win that battle, so also should someone in Rachel Brand’s position put the good of the nation first. (At least she doesn’t have to risk being maimed or killed.)

Lately I saw the film GETTYSBURG, a big part of which concerns how the regiment (?) from Maine happens to find itself at a pivotal point at Little Round Top. They sacrificed mightily, and their heroism helped assure that government of the people, for the people, and by the people should not perish from this earth.

I hope that Rachel Brand has some reason that serves the nation. If she’s a person of integrity, as she is reputed to be, and if there isn’t such a reason, she ought not abandon her post.


  • Jim Portugul

    There is far more to this than we are being told. What we do know for sure is that everything out of this administration is nothing but a lie. Suppose Republicans got Brand a great job offer to get her out of the way so Trump can fire Rosenstein and insert his own puppet to control/end the Mueller investigation? It’s another Trump con job.

    Next week we may see the immigration deal Shumer/Pelosi got for endorsing this vomit they call a budget. We now have to rely on overseas news media for our news and accurate weather in the USA. US media being under strict control of our corrupt government.

    You can bet that it was no accident not having funding for the wall and DACA in this budget. The real deal will come out in the next few weeks. My bet is the 1.8 million Daca’s and $30 Billion for the wall. Also, Trump will increase immigration of both legal and illegals, and tell his ignorant, stupid, base “turds” the opposite. Democrats in the US House will again pass the DACA/wall bill just like last nite.

    Senators Kaine and Warner have both abandoned Virginians who cannot afford healthcare, and become “Dacacrats”. I can’t see me wasting my high priced Trump gasoline driving to the polls in November to vote for Kaine again at this point. He’s become quite worthless, nothing but a DACACRAT IN BED WITH WITTMAN AND GERONIMO.

  • Jim Portugul

    And here you go. Just like I told you.


    No affordable healthcare means I’ll sit this November out.

  • RobertColgan

    Rachel Brand ethical??
    You need to know what she is——the type of lawyer she is.
    During her stay in the Trump Justice Department she was responsible for the elimination of much of the legal protections that allow consumers, environmentalists, civil and social activists their rights to legally complain or sue corporations or agencies that harm them.
    She’s a corporate harlot who is going to her new employ as chief lawyer at Walmart.