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Sen. Chap Petersen: Help Defeat Dominion “Swamp Special”; Let’s Have a “Clean Repeal” Instead


Gotta agree with Sen. Chap Petersen on this one; the only other choice being to amend the fatally flawed bill now being rammed through the General Assembly by Dominion Energy and its legions of orcs…er, lobbyists.

As loyal readers know, I have spent the last three years fighting to repeal the “rate freeze,” a law passed in 2015 which transferred approximately a billion dollars in excess profits from Virginia consumers to its largest corporation, Dominion Power.

This year, like last year, I filed “clean repeal” bills which would return these excess profits to ordinary consumers.  These bills were simple and had bipartisan support.  Dominion opposed them and they died in committee.

This year, Dominion has authored its own “repeal bill.”  Unlike my 2-page version, the Dominion bill is 60 pages with dense legal language.  The bill does feature a nominal “refund” of less than $100 per customer, as well a declaration that building solar energy is in the “public interest.”

Otherwise, it is a “swamp special” which allows Dominion to divert its excess earnings into “grid transformation projects.”  These projects are then added into the rate base where they will earn enhanced profits for years.  It is the classic example of “double dipping.”  And consumers will pay both times.

Certain folks have jumped on this legislation for the easy headlines.  (“The rate freeze is repealed”!)  In most cases, they haven’t read the actual bill and don’t understand the long-term insidious effects. 

(Irony alert:  Isn’t it funny how the same people that caused the rate freeze are now seeking credit for repealing it?)

This is a larger issue than just saving consumers a few bucks.  It’s also a matter of affirming the ability of ordinary people to defeat the special interests.  Please help defeat the Dominion “swamp special.”  Ask the Governor to  send down a “clean repeal.” 

Bring the power back to the people. 


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