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Tuesday News: Stocks Plummet; “Has Trumphoria Finally Hit a Wall?”; “Boycott the Republican Party”; Kill the Dominion Bill


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Tuesday, February 6.

  • Video: SB 966 (Dominion monstrosity) Passes Virginia Senate Commerce and Labor Committee (2/5/18)


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    Harry Truman once said, “It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.” We have seen, at least since Obama was elected, the opposite of that. It is amazing how little you can accomplish if your primary concern is who might get the credit.

    That’s why we haven’t had the infrastructure fix even though at least since 2007, most agree that we desperately need it. And my guess that is why we’re not going to get it before 2020.

  • From the great folks at Planned Parenthood of Virginia:

    Tampon Tax Repeal Advances

    Richmond, VA — Today Jennifer Allen, CEO of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia, released the following statement after a House subcommittee advanced The Dignity Act. Delegate Jennifer Boysko (D-Herndon) introduced House Bill 24 to eliminate the sales and use tax on menstrual products.

    “Taxing tampons is discriminatory against women. With a record number of women serving in Virginia’s General Assembly, it’s time for this discriminatory state policy to finally come to an end. I applaud the members of the House who voted to advance the Dignity Act today. I also want to thank our General Assembly leaders and activists who demanded a hearing for the legislation. The positive result today is a direct result of their persistence.”

    At a morning meeting today, House Finance Subcommittee #3 voted to amend House Bill 24 to delay its enactment until July 1, 2019, and to refer the bill to the House Committee on Appropriations.

    Delegates Debra Rodman and Kaye Kory also introduced legislation aimed at repealing the tampon tax this session.
    Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia (PPAV) is a statewide advocacy organization whose mission is to preserve and broaden access to reproductive health care through legislation, public education, electoral activity and litigation in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Planned Parenthood health centers provide high-quality, affordable reproductive health care, education programs, and outreach to more than 31,000 people in the Commonwealth. PPAV works to ensure that individuals and families have the freedom, information, and ability to make their own informed reproductive choices.

  • From Progress VA:

    Virginia Women’s Equality Coalition Disappointed Conservative Members of House Commerce and Labor Subcommittee Defeat Bill To Prohibit Health Insurance Companies From Discriminating Based on Gender Identity

    Richmond, Virginia—On Tuesday, conservative members of a House Commerce and Labor Subcommittee defeated HB1466, Delegate Rodman’s bill that would prohibit health insurance companies from discriminating against patients based on gender identity. The Women’s Equality Coalition is disappointed that this bill was defeated because all Virginians, regardless of how they identify, should have access to medically-necessary health care.

    “No person should be denied health insurance coverage because of who they are. However, transgender patients often face barrier after barrier when seeking health care,” said Jennifer Allen, CEO of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Virginia. “We are disappointed that conservative delegates defeated HB 1466 that would have eliminated health insurance discrimination against transgender individuals.”

    “The Conservatives still don’t get it. Gender, gender identity, sexual orientation like any other immutable characteristic should not be used to deny people insurance coverage for necessary medical care. It is shocking that this is not the case in this, the 21st century,” Tarina Keene, Executive Director of NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia said. “We supported this bill because it would ensure that all Virginians are treated equally when it comes to obtaining health insurance and are able to receive the necessary medical care without facing unfair and archaic discrimination. It seems our Conservative legislators feel that discrimination is acceptable.”

    In 2015, nearly one in three (31%) of those who saw a health care provider faced mistreatment or discrimination in a health care setting because they were transgender. Left untreated, gender dysphoria can lead to debilitating anxiety and depression, with serious and costly medical consequences and a significantly increased risk of suicide (41%), substance use, and other mental health conditions.The Virginia Women’s Equality Coalition is made up of 14 organizations across Virginia and is dedicated to dedicated to ensuring that all Virginia women are able to fully participate in social, economic, and political life.

  • Video: “Senator Scott A. Surovell defends his bill combating predatory lenders from a motion to send it back to committee, the pit of misery.”


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    Trump wants a grand parade like France did

    How strange. Just this morning I was thinking how in peace time, the military spends half its time administrating itself, and you can have a general and a staff of 30 officers organizing a parade. But in war time, there’s no time for that chickens–t.

  • Video: Trump welcomes Rep. Barbara Comstock