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Virginia GOP Men Kill Equal Rights Amendment; Vote Them OUT OF OFFICE in 2019! [UPDATED with Dramatic Footage from Senate Committee]


These anti-women, anti-LGBT, anti-immigrant, anti-environment, etc, etc. Republican men all need to be booted out of office next year. Let’s make it so!

P.S. The following description of what happened this morning is by super-activist Cindy Cunningham; subscribe to her VAPLAN2018 Twitter feed here!

Video from the last chance the ERA had of being ratified in Virginia this year, in the House Privileges and Elections Committee. This fierce woman from LWV spoke about why the “expiration date” for ratification was irrelevant and not binding (as evidenced by other states passing bills in the past several years, including Nevada last year). The Chair, Mark Cole, dismissed their arguments and refused to put it up for a vote. Thank you Delegate Sam Rasoul for speaking in defense of the bill. And thank you Kaye Kory and Alfonso Lopez for putting up the bills, and everyone who signed on as co-patrons.


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