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Bought Barbara Comstock: The NRA’s #1 Pawn


From DPVA:

BOUGHT BARBARA Comstock: The NRA’s #1 Pawn
As millions across the nation prepare to #MarchForOurLives, the NRA’s top campaign cash recipient continues to vote against keeping us safe

As Americans around the nation prepare for the #MarchForOurLives to prevent further gun massacres, they also look forward to marching to the ballot box this November and kicking out politicians who value National Rifle Association money over the safety of their sons and daughters, mothers and fathers.

No politician in America is more in the pocket of the NRA than highly vulnerabletownhall-avoidingTrump-appeasing, BOUGHT BARBARAComstock of Virginia’s 10th Congressional District.

While we march this weekend, we must remember how we got here: bought and paid for politicians like BOUGHT BARBARA, who take NRA blood money and allow Americans to access killing machines like the one used to murder 17 children and educators in Parkland.

BOUGHT BARBARA has taken the most NRA cash of any member of the U.S. House of Representatives. And BOUGHT BARBARA has rewarded the NRA with votes that make her constituents less safe. 

BOUGHT BARBARA VOTED AGAINST UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS: she prefers the TV ads she buys with NRA checks over a proposal favored by 97% of Americans.

BOUGHT BARBARA VOTED TO REPEAL BACKGROUND CHECKS ON THE MENTALLY ILL: what’s wrong with sick people having weapons of war when the NRA’s paying the re-election bills?

BOUGHT BARBARA VOTED TO ALLOW TERROR WATCH LIST MEMBERS TO BUY GUNS: keep the cash coming NRA, Barbara’s got your back, even if it means allowing possible terrorists to be armed to the teeth.

BOUGHT BARBARA VOTED TO MAKE IT EASIER TO BUY FIREARM SILENCERS: she may try to keep the sound of an AK-47 silent, but the NRA knows they can count on hearing her voice whenever they need her to speak up.

This weekend, we #MARCHFOROURLIVES.

This November, we send a message to the NRA by kicking BOUGHT BARBARAComstock and her fellow NRA pawns out of office!


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