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Video: Sen. Tim Kaine Urges Action on Guns After Parkland; “These Students Are Standing Up and Challenging Us”


Great work by Sen. Tim Kaine on preventing gun violence. First, check out Sen. Kaine’s interview with Andrew Cuomo, which Kaine posted on his Facebook age with the following comment: “Young people are forcing Members of Congress to look in the mirror and determine what’s more important: the safety of our kids or the NRA? I hope my colleagues will join me in standing on the right side of history for our kids.”

Next, check out Sen. Kaine’s speech on the U.S. Senate floor a few minutes ago, in which he noted that what might be different this time is that “these students are standing up and challenging us” and added: “Enough is enough. I’m taking to the Senate floor to ask Republican leadership to hold a vote on legislation to protect communities in Virginia and across the country from gun violence.” Let’s hope so, because this insane situation simply cannot be allowed to continue!


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