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Video: Son of Legendary Virginia Progressive Populist Henry Howell Comes to “Temple of Democracy” to Endorse Karen Mallard for Congress in VA-02


See below for video of Henry Howell III talking last night about the importance of unions and endorsing Karen Mallard for Congress in VA-02. The volume’s a bit low, unfortunately, so you might need to crank it up, but it’s well worth listening to (also note that I’ve transcribed parts of it). Oh, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with Henry Howell III’s father, the legendary Henry Howell (former Virginia Delegate, State Senator, Lt. Governor and three-time candidate for Governor of Virginia, see here:

A fiery populist, Howell assailed big business, particularly banks, insurance companies, and monopolies. A favorite target was Dominion Energy, then known as VEPCO (Virginia Electric Power Company), which Howell claimed stood for “Very Expensive Power Company.” A supporter of civil rights for African Americans, Howell campaigned against massive resistance, was a major proponent of desegregation, and filed a successful lawsuit to abolish the state’s poll tax. A believer in workers’ right to organize, he often attempted to repeal Virginia’s right-to-work law.

According to Henry Howell III, channeling his father: “when you come into a union hall, you come into a temple of democracy,” where people can organize to “make things fair and get economic justice.” As for endorsing Karen Mallard for Congress, Henry Howell III said “I am here tonight because I’ve come to find a candidate as honest as my father, as incapable of being bought off, in it for the common goodso I invoke [my father] before union leaders  to announce my total, unequivocal support for Karen Mallard…Anyone who was for Henry Howell…who loved that sort of politician, then you’ve got another opportunity to support someone just like him – Karen Mallard.”


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