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Sen. Tim Kaine Barnstorms From One End of Virginia to Another as He Takes NOTHING for Granted in Reelection Bid


The following tweet (see below the text) by Sen. Tim Kaine’s Communications Director, Ian Sams, demonstrates several things – all good – about Kaine as he kicks off his 2018 reelection bid.

First, it’s great to see that Kaine isn’t taking anything for granted in his campaign this year. As I’ve written previously, we need not just to reelect Kaine, but to do so “YUGE,” for three big reasons: a) As a general rule, we should never ever ever ever (did I mention “ever?” – lol) take anything for granted; b) a “yuge” Kaine win this year will send a clear, resounding message to Virginia Republicans that their brand of extremist nuttery and bigotry is not welcome here in the Commonwealth; c) last but not least, we need to make sure Sen. Kaine wins “bigly” in November for the effect on “downballot” candidates – particularly for Congress, but also for local offices. And clearly, Kaine is on the same page, as he puts the pedal to the metal and doesn’t take anything for granted (even in what looks to be a “blue wave” election, with one of three extremist wackos – Ewwww Jackson, neo-Confederate Corey Stewart, Paulbog Nick Freitas – as his Republican opponent).

Second, the breakneck pace of Sen. Kaine’s campaign kickoff swing through Virginia this week – check out the number of stops, events, the different regions covered, etc. – shows Kaine with a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm, willing to head out in early April to plant his flag across the entire state, both on his own account, but also to help Democrats in every corner of the Commonwealth win this November. All in all, as Kaine’s press release announcing his kickoff states: “From April 2 to 7, Kaine will make 22 stops in Northern Virginia, Hampton Roads, Richmond, Southwest Virginia, Charlottesville, Southside, the Valley, and more to share his message of making jobs, health care, and education available to every Virginian. The campaign swing will include large public events to rally voters behind his vision of a Virginia that works for all, while also featuring smaller events centered on the issues important to Virginians that Kaine is focusing on in his campaign. From rallies to roundtables, at each stop Kaine will lay out the high stakes of this election and the stark choice voters face in 2018.

Finally, Sen. Kaine appears to be making friends wherever he goes — even on the John Fredericks Show (audio below Ian Sams’ tweet), where “Guest host Chris Saxman, former Republican Virginia House of Delegates member,” told Sen. Kaine this morning, “In my lifetime in politics . . . of all the people I’ve met and watched, no one listens better than @timkaine.” Quite a compliment, and also quite a contrast to hard-right blowhards like Ewww, Corey and Nick.


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