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Statement from Roanoke County on Treatment of Pipeline Protesters “Completely Untrue”


by Cindy

Yesterday, in response to the enormous public outcry from citizens and Democratic legislators at the inhumane treatment of peaceful protesters, who are living in trees on their own property in a desperate attempt to stop the Mountain Valley Pipeline builders from chopping them down, Roanoke County issued a public statement, claiming that they have conducted “routine wellness checks,” and that the protesters “have indicated that they have all necessary supplies.”


Despite the rosy picture, family and friends of the protesters have a very different story to tell. The following is a direct quote from the Facebook page of Beth Teel and Mara Eve Moonbat Robbins (copied with permission), who have been on Bent Mountain with the protesters since April 1:

I don’t say this lightly but this statement issued from Roanoke County today is completely untrue. I have been onsite at Red and Minor’s tree sits for most of the last week. I can state emphatically that any supplies have been denied, Red has asked, police have said no every time except for 4 aspirin two days ago.

Also, police have taunted both Minor and Red with water and “power bars’ of all things in baggies under their sits to try and get them down–this was not received well by either Red or Minor. Minor dropped her solar charger allowing her to keep her phone on to speak with family and legal, the police will not return to her. Both Red and Minor are being spot lighted like animals ALL NIGHT–when it is illegal to spot deer with lights while hunting in the state of VA.

At least 4 police and 1 MVP global security person have been onsite 24/7 since this escalation a week ago and at least two police and 1 MVP person at Minor’s tree sit. Roanoke County states the police are neutral. How can they be neutral when the MVP security person is allowed over police lines and share a tent with police, again 24/7.

I have witnessed all of this including police letting ME know they are checking out MY facebook page (I have nothing to hide)–wink! wink! officer nosy pants. Roanoke County needs to stop messing around and get on the right side (the citizen side) and allow food and water AND supplies to Red and Minor SO THAT WE CAN GET TO THE BUSINESS OF FORCING DEQ, THE STATE WATER BOARD AND FERC TO DO ITS JOB TO PROTECT OUR RESOURCES! Why is this so hard! Call Roanoke County Supervisor Thomas C. Gates Ph: (540) 772-2004

PS: I permanently smell like a camp fire!


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