Home Energy and Environment Video: “Fracking Out About Pipelines” with Ivy Main, Kirk Bowers, Jonathan Sokolow

Video: “Fracking Out About Pipelines” with Ivy Main, Kirk Bowers, Jonathan Sokolow


Haven’t had enough about pipelines, fracking…or Jonathan Sokolow today? 😉 Well then, check out the Facebook Live event, “Fracking Out About Pipelines” with Ivy Main (“a lawyer and writer and long-time activist with the Sierra Club, where she is currently Conservation Chair and Renewable Energy Chair for the Virginia Chapter. She also writes the popular Virginia energy blog, Powerforthepeopleva.com”), Kirk Bowers (“Native of Roanoke County, Virginia….Graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor Science in Civil Engineering. Worked as a Licensed Civil Engineer for 28 years…Joined Sierra Club and volunteered with different campaigns. Began work on the pipelines campaign in June 2014 as a volunteer and was hired by the Chapter in 2015 as Pipelines Campaign Coordinator.”) and Jonathan Sokolow (“a health care attorney and community activist in Northern Virginia who has written extensively on the law and politics of the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley Pipelines. Previously, Jon spent more than 20 years working to defend pension and health rights for retired unionized coal miners in Southwest Virginia and throughout Appalachia.”).

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