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17 Months Into Trump Presidency*, Washington (Com)Post Remains Massively Confused About Truth, Falsehood, What’s “Misleading” and What’s a Trump LIE


The Washington (Com)Post remains massively confused about truth, falsehood, and the word “misleading” First they post a headline that “Trump is blaming Democrats” without saying “FALSELY.” After getting reamed out by commenters to the article, the (Com)Post adds the word “falsely.” But the article is STILL highly flawed by its use of its phrase “misleading tweets,” when again, they weren’t “misleading,” they were FALSE, most likely INTENTIONALLY FALSE (aka, “lies”). Why is this SO f’ing hard for the corporate media to get right???

P.S. The top-rated comment (314 “likes”) starts, “They weren’t ‘misleading tweets,’ they were outright falsehoods, AKA lies.” The second-top-rated comment (234 “likes”) says: “Trump lies. Every day. Multiple times, significantly. These cannot be treated as simply singular events. They are not singular events. Trump is lying with such frequency in an attempt to create an alternative reality, where truth has no meaning. Where he has control over what is regarded as true or not true. Where he controls reality. This is known as a dictatorship.” etc.

  • True Blue

    Trump’s statements, whether tweeted or heard, need to be accompanied by a media disclaimer or chyron: “May or may not be based in reality,” or “No more Alternative Facts, please” or “10th Lie told today – a new record,” or “Likely a Lie;” or any of many songs about lies should be played – “Would I lie to you honey?” or “Your lips are moving and you’re lyin’, lyin’, lyin’,” or “Little Lies”.

  • Pragmatic Progressive

    Our family is in agreement with the Progressive professor about the Washington Post. http://www.theprogressiveprofessor.com/?p=33537

  • Paul Goode

    Trump hates the Post above all other media, so it must be doing something right. There’s no way to keep up with a POTUS who lies every time he moves his mouth.

    • Trump hates the entire media other than Fox and a few other right-wing outlets. Doesn’t excuse the Post’s many f’ups.

    • Pragmatic Progressive

      Seconded, Paul. The Progressive Professor’s article, which I posted above, talks about the importance of The Washington Post.

  • black rabbit

    It actually was Democrats, the ACLU and other progressive activist groups that filed suit in 2015 and forced the quick release of children from detention which resulted in them being separated from parents.

    The Obama administration struggled to create family facilities that would comply with the order and keep families together while awaiting asylum decisions but progressives kept fighting it…