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BREAKING (Video): Following Court Order, “Red” Terry Comes Down From Tree After More Than a Month

"Red coming down due to the court decision, but exciting announcement coming as the resistance continues!"


Happening right now (4:26 pm):

Red says Northam needs to step up; “I am tired of this bullshit.” Also says “we’ve got to have air and water,” this will poison Roanoke’s water.

Here’s the part where Red speaks after coming down. She’s asked how it feels to have so much support. She says she was meeting people every day, that it was overwhelming. “Stop destroying our water and our land.” “Since when does someone have the right to take people’s property away for profit? This is just nuts, this is just too much…Our governor needs to step up…I am tired of this bullshit…Let’s get someone on the [board?] that’s not all for gas and oil…Let’s find someone who gives a damn about this planet. I know Trump doesn’t believe in global warming, but doesn’t he believe in water pollution and air pollution? Maybe he needs another lesson on how people have to live…We’ve got to have air and water…[Does he think] everybody lives in Trump Towers and we don’t have to grow beef or vegetables or anything else? He’d better get over his damn self and get educated…we’ve got to have places to grow and to live…and they’re trying to take it all away. If they poison this water that poisons Roanoke’s water…is it going to leak into our water or is it just going to blow up our mountain? Let’s put a 42-inch bomb under somebody else’s house, like the governor’s, and see how they like it.”


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