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BREAKING: Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Ruling Deals Dominion Huge Blow In Its Efforts to Build Risky, Unnecessary, Destructive Atlantic Coast Pipeline [UPDATED]


UPDATE 7:48 pm Wednesday: This is completely FUBAR. “FERC regulators will not stop work on Atlantic Coast Pipeline despite court ruling on permit.”

UPDATE 6:53 am Wednesday: This is interesting – “Attorney D.J. Gerken said in an interview that construction must cease because other federal permits allowing work to proceed are contingent on the Fish and Wildlife Service permit. The Fish and Wildlife Service is looking at the court’s decision and considering next steps, spokesman Gavin Shire wrote in an email.”

UPDATE 9:28 pm: Hmmmm. Both sides can’t be right.

UPDATE 9:14 pm: Check this out – ruh roh?

Dominion Energy can spew its ratepayer-funded, pro-Atlantic Coast Pipeline propaganda all over our TV screens, but that doesn’t change the fact that the project’s a disaster in every way – economically, environmentally, you name it. Which is I’m so glad to see the following breaking news! The short story is that this decision is a major blow to Dominion’s efforts to build the risky, unnecessary Atlantic Coast Pipeline. More details to follow. For now, great work by the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC), and see below for the order from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals!

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