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Corey Stewart Releases Internal Poll: Stewart 32%-Freitas 9%-Jackson 5%


I’m not sure what to make of this poll, as I certainly don’t trust Corey Stewart, “Team Corey,” or anything to do with that neo-Confederate nut. Having said that, it certainly seems plausible to me that E.W. Jackson would be in last place, since he’s basically done nothing this campaign. As for Nick Freitas, the fundamental problem is that he started this primary with basically zero name ID, whereas Corey Stewart just ran against – and almost defeated – Ed Gillespie for Governor last year. Plus, Corey Stewart has been Prince William County Board Chair for years, while Freitas was first elected to the Virginia House of Delegates in 2015, having just moved to Virginia in 2010. The other issue is whether anyone can “out-Trump” Corey Stewart in a primary dominated by rabid Trump supporters. With that said, here are the results from Corey Stewart’s internal poll. Note that although Stewart leads by a big margin (32%-9% over Freitas, with Jackson at 5%), that leaves 54% undecided. We’ll see how those folks break over the next 20 days, but right now, assuming this poll is even close to being accurate, it sure looks like neo-Confederate Corey remains the favorite to run a “vicious,” “ruthless” campaign against Sen. Tim Kaine this summer/fall. Can’t wait, huh? LOL

P.S. For the full polling memo, click here. The conclusion: “Stewart holds a strong lead with three weeks to go and continues to build momentum as he heads towards the finish line. Freitas, on the other hand, doesn’t appear to be gaining any traction and Jackson is going in reverse. As of now, it would take a seismic shift in the campaign debate for anything to chance in the next three weeks.”

  • Harry

    Stewart also has 100% of the white supremacist vote, 100% of the neo-nazi vote and 100% of the pedophile vote, why wasn’t he touting those numbers in his announcement, it shows massive strength with his perverted base.

    • Tell us how you really feel about Corey. 😉

    • old_redneck

      Hmmm. So — you’re saying he has the GOP base locked up?!?!?!

    • Wow, I didn’t know what you were referring to until I googled and saw how he had supported Roy Moore. Well, that is indeed a constituency that could turn out for him.. that might just put him over the top..

  • OrangeDem

    I am not even sure about Freitas’s name i.d. in his own district, where I live. Of course, he wins elections comfortably in the reliably Republican area, but he has always been a bit of a ghost. His predecessor, Ed Scott, always seemed to be around, constantly communicating with constituents, and showing up probably weekly in the local papers. Only thing I’ve ever seen from Nick was a bizarre campaign mailing in 2017 where was posing in front of a giant photo of Reagan.

  • Bishop E W Jackson

    LOL! The only poll that matters is June 12. As I recall, I heard predictions of my irrelevance before I won the LG nomination, beating my friend who you now say has a commanding lead. We shall see, but you’ve made the mistake of writing me off before. HUGE MISTAKE! HUGE!

    • Yeah, keep spending your final 20 days trolling progressive blogs and see if that helps you on June 12! LOL

    • Just saw this from Corey Stewart’s Field Director Thomas Dees:

      LOL My sources tell me that EW conducted a poll of his own and that it has Corey dominating and Nick winning zero congressional districts.

      Guys, this race is pretty much over.

  • There’s also nothing in Freitas’s record to excite libertarians. He didn’t even co-sponsor this year’s marijuana decriminalization bill (HB 1063). Even if Freitas were to get the nomination, libertarians would probably vote for Matt Waters.