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May 1 Virginia Elections: Who Votes and Who Is Running? [UPDATED: Results]


UPDATE 9:30 pm: Del. Mark Keam (D-Vienna) tweets, “When I moved to Virginia in 1990s, there wasn’t a single Korean American elected official here. Tonight, with @SangYi and So Jung Lim’s successful campaigns for @CityofFairfaxVA, there will be 5 of us serving in city, town, county and state government offices!” Ben Tribbett tweets, “Republicans won a Council seat in Fairfax City tonight with ‘s big win as the top vote getter- he ran a professionalized campaign with videos, GOTV, nice mail, etc. Dems can’t take this environment for granted at the local level.”

UPDATE 8:53 pm: In Norfolk, winners for City Council are incumbent Martin Thomas Jr. (Ward 1), challenger Courtney Doyle (Ward 2), incumbent Mamie Johnson (Ward 3), incumbent Paul Riddick (Ward 4), incumbent Tommy Smigiel Jr. (Ward 5). Winners for School Board are challenger Adale Martin (Ward 1), incumbent Tanya Bhasin (Ward 2), challenger Christine E. Smith (Ward 4), challenger Lauren Campsen (Ward 5); Ward 3 is very close (Carlos Clanton 689-Jackie Glass 654, with 10/11 precincts counted), but the Virginian-Pilot has declared Clanton the winner.

UPDATE 8:38 pm: In Lynchburg City, with 19/19 precincts reporting, the top three finishers for City Council are incumbent/Vice Mayor Treney Tweedy (3,521 votes), incumbent J.R. “Randy” Nelson (3,089 votes), challenger Frank B. “Beau” Wright (2,677 votes).

UPDATE 8:32 pm: In Hampton City, with 30/31 precincts reporting, the top three finishers for City Council are incumbent James A. “Jimmy” Gray Jr. (7,999 votes), challenger Eleanor Weston Brown (6,420 votes), challenger Steve L. Brown (5,325 votes). For School Board, also with 30/31 precincts reporting, the top three finishers are incumbent Jason S. Samuels (7,942 votes), incumbent Joseph C. Kilgore (7,595 votes), challenger Richard M. Mason Jr. (7,218 votes).

UPDATE 8:22 pm: In Newport News City, with 34/46 precincts reporting, Mayor McKinley Price leads challenger Marcellus Harris III by a 6,622 (53.7%)-3,416 (27.7%) margin. In Danville, the top four finishers for City Council are incumbent Alonzo Jones (3,811 votes), incumbent Gary Miller (3,302 votes), challenger Adam Tomer (3,318 votes), incumbent James Buckner (2,992 votes).

UPDATE 8:09 pm: In Fairfax City, with 7/7 precincts reporting, the top six City Council finishers are challenger Sang H. Yi (2,053 votes), incumbent Michael J. DeMarco (1,980 votes), incumbent Jon R. Stehle, Jr. (1,940 votes), incumbent Janice B. Miller (1,926 votes), incumbent Jennifer E. Passey (1,906 votes), challenger So P. Lim (1,850 votes).

UPDATED 8:00 pm: In Roanoke City, with 21/21 precincts reporting, the winners are Democrats Joseph L. “Joe” Cobb (5,113 votes) – Roanoke’s first openly gay city council member – and Djuna L. Osborne (5,004 votes), plus incumbent/independent William D. “Bill” Bestpitch (3,919 votes).

From the Virginia State Board of Elections, here are the jurisdictions voting today and the candidates running (of course, as usual, you can click on the images to make them much bigger/more readable). If you live in one of these jurisdictions, make sure you vote – Democratic, of course! 🙂


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