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Saturday News: Solutions to Gun Violence “aren’t a big mystery”; “GOP revolts multiply against retiring Ryan”; Do You Care About the Royal Wedding?; VA-06 GOP Freakshow Starts


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Saturday, May 19. And no, I’m not watching the royal wedding. LOL

  • From Barrett Fife, an intern to Del. Mark Levine, a gun violence prevention activist and a new high school graduate:

    Two days ago, I hosted an event called “Where Do We Go From Here?” It was a town hall, featuring numerous Northern Virginia elected officials and focusing on the Alexandria response to gun violence moving forward. We emphasized the idea of tirelessness, of never letting our passion die in the face of lost interest and distance from Parkland. We couldn’t allow this movement to lose momentum, for fear of watching another catastrophe happen before our eyes.

    Our worst fears were realized today. On my last day of high school, ten more people lost their lives. As my classmates and I dressed up in silly costumes and signed yearbooks, these kids lost the opportunity to ever make such memories.

    I dedicate so much time to making the phrase “Never Again” a reality. Students and Moms Demand Action, along with countless other people and organizations, fight endlessly for change. But Never Again doesn’t happen just by saying so.

    I’m tired. I’m heartbroken. After Parkland, I felt rage—and yet, I was moved, inspired, and emboldened to make a difference. But 22 kids, 39 kids, 49 kids, how many is enough? Is it ever enough?

    I dearly hope that Santa Fe is different. That after this and Parkland and the March for Our Lives, after all the calls and letters and people lining the streets all across America, something will truly change.

    This is a movement, not a moment. I know that my generation will fight endlessly to create the change they wish to see in the world. But I also hope that the fight doesn’t have to be endless. I hope that Never Again truly comes to be. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but I keep hoping. I keep fighting.

    • Henry Howell

      Barrett: You and your generation inspire those of us who have been tenants on Mother Earth longer than you. You will help us win this battle, but they’re will be more
      struggles for justice that will await you , because you have been chosen to be a fighter. Your children and grandchildren will fight for justice. The arc of history bends towards justice, but we constantly must be pulling and pushing to bend it towards justice. Peace

  • Henry Howell

    We are the only country this happens in!
    We are the only country this happens in!
    We are the only country this happens in!

  • Southern Liberal

    Our family watched some coverage of the royal wedding this morning. With all the trouble that’s going on in the world, it’s a nice feel-good moment.