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Shak Hill’s Wife Tells Barbara Comstock to Stop Smearing Her Husband; Says Comstock “couldn’t find the Constitution with two hands and a flashlight”


VA-10 Teapublican candidate Shak Hill says we should all share this widely, so…here you go! 😉

My lovely wife Robin had this to say about my nasty lying opponent #BeltwayBarbara in an email. Share widely:

“Can you believe this?

When Shak told me about Barbara Comstock’s vote against repealing Obamacare, we agreed she needed to be voted out of office. But my only worry about Shak running, was Comstock’s reputation for slinging mud at anyone who opposes her.

Now that polling has shown Barbara Comstock to be the least popular member of Congress (32% approval in her own district) and losing by 10 to the generic Democrat, she has debased herself with the worst, most disgusting lies about my husband. And she has spent $1,500,000 already to stay afloat – and who knows how much of that fortune has been spent on spreading lies about Shak. The apple certainly does not fall far from the tree as we know from her father’s vulgar interaction with Shak.


Here is an 8 year politician who can’t even run on her own record because it is so horrible. So she has decided to besmirch the good name of my husband, and my family.

I am not going to let that happen.

It’s the same tired Democrat playbook of politics of personal destruction, and I want to ask your help and stand up for Shak today!

You see, this is what they do, those who have been in office too long. They have no accomplishments, a bunch of bad votes, a pattern of corruption, so they grow unpopular. And the only way they think they can win, is by spending gobs of money to falsely smear a good man’s reputation.

Let me tell you right now, not a single thing that Barbara Comstock has said this whole time has been true. Not one.

Let me tell you about the REAL Shak Hill.

My husband is a devoted husband of 29 years and a devoted father. He stood by me when cancer threatened me life and the life of our unborn child. He is a family man, and together we have raised six children and been foster parents to 46 foster children. He has made both personal and professional sacrifices to protect his family. Shak will always look out for the protection of all our families.

My husband is a devoted Christian, a reader and volunteer at Church, a man of God who actually puts his faith into practice. Compare this to Barbara Comstock, a thoroughly unchristian, nasty woman who goes around launching false smears against everyone. Shak will continue to protect our First Amendment religious rights and speak out on the importance of fatherhood, in an age when lost souls are murdering innocent children.

My husband is an honorable veteran of our country’s armed forces. Barbara Comstock doesn’t know anything about honor, nor does she know anything about our country’s armed forces or the burden that putting your life on the line to serve your country puts on the service member and their family. Shak will always look out for our veterans, service members and their families.

My husband took an oath to defend our Constitution. I’m pretty sure Barbara Comstock couldn’t find the Constitution with two hands and a flashlight.

My husband is a small businessman. Barbara Comstock isn’t sympathetic to entrepreneurs, since her life has always been about nasty politics as usual.

My husband is a real person. He isn’t some too-political creature of Washington who obviously dislikes people, avoids town halls and avoids voters. Shak will do town halls, because he likes hearing from people! I mean, how else can you claim to represent them?!?

Shak is a good and honorable man, and he will make a great Congressman.

But to Barbara Comstock, I have a message:

Mrs. Comstock, Shak Hill is my husband. He is a devoted father to our children and the most honorable man I know. Please turn your attack dogs somewhere else, and stop smearing the good name of my husband and focus on running on your record. I am tired from being represented from behind. It is time to have someone who is looking out for our best interests first and not skinny dipping in the swamp!


Robin Hill

P.S. Will you help me stop Barbara Comstock’s false smears against Shak? Shak needs $10,000 to get out the word about Barbara Comstock’s lies and set the record straight. Can he count on you today for your contribution of $50, $25, or even $100? The truth always beats Barbara Comstock’s lies and smears. Let’s get it out.”


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