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Thursday News: Giuliani Blows Up Trump’s Stormy Daniels Legal Arguments; “Trump Goes to War With Mueller”; “Questions Republicans ought to be asking Dunbar”


by Lowell

Here are a few national and Virginia news headlines, political and otherwise, for Thursday, May 3.

  • Ewwww weighs in on Kanye, you know this will be idiotic.


    • RobertColgan

      Nope. Beyond idiotic, whatever that word might be.

      That confusion about choice suddenly became clear.
      “To be enslaved or not to be, that is the question” . . . and of course it is such a good thing that many chose to be slaves in America because by enabling them to take on such suffering the wealthiest were ennobling the poor ignorant savages’ spiritual lives while ensuring the future profitable prison system would be well-staffed.

    • Kenneth Ferland

      Folks are catching on to Kanye’s statements being just to stir controversy to help sell an upcoming album. Conservatives are falling for it hook line and sinker.

  • From LG Justin Fairfax’s (now-former) Chief of Staff, Larry Roberts:

    I have completed my role as Chief of Staff to Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax during the 2018 General Assembly session and look forward to continuing to serve as part-time Senior Advisor to the Lt. Governor. As was planned from the start, we have promoted Edward K. Reed to Chief of Staff now that the General Assembly session and reconvene session have been completed.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Ed both in his role as Political Director during the 2017 campaign and as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Lt. Governor. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Chief of Staff position.

    I am very proud of the team that the Lt. Governor and I have built both in the Lt. Governor’s office (Ed, Lauren Burke, Adele McClure, and Julia Billingsley) and at the We Rise Together PAC (David Mills, Lauren Burke, Joe Zuckerman, and Courtney McCargo).

    Looking forward to the many good things that the team will accomplish. And looking forward to exploring professional and leadership opportunities.

  • Quizzical

    I worry about the costs of the distraction and political paralysis brought on by these endless scandals.
    That linked story indirectly references Norfolk and has some interesting links.

    • RobertColgan

      It’s ALWAYS been distraction:
      the magician’s stock tool in trade: keep ’em looking over there, while they (steal your car/molest your wife and kids/skin your dog/empty your bank account/send your job overseas/poison your water,food,air,soil/put your parents into a shipping container/ . . . . and then reveal the now funny-looking pet dog.
      At one time the major media was a bulwark against this distraction—–now, they’re the ones wearing bikinis and high heels and holding the cape.
      It’s a reflection of sickness.

  • Video: Babur Lateef’s first PW County School Board meeting as Interim Chair. Congratulations and good luck!


  • From the awesome Del. Jennifer Carroll Foy:


    RICHMOND, VA – Delegates Jennifer Carroll Foy, Danica Roem, Elizabeth Guzman, and Lee Carter today sent a letter calling on Prince William Commonwealth’s Attorney Paul Ebert to follow the leads of other prosecutors across the country, including Richmond CA Michael Herring, in ending cash bail. The letter calls on Mr. Ebert to replace the current system of cash bail with a pretrial release system that is based on the defendant’s perceived public safety and flight risk.

    “As a former magistrate judge, I have seen innocent people lose their livelihoods because they could not afford to pay bail before their trial,” said Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy. “We are beginning to see incredible momentum to end the discriminatory, ineffective and dangerous practice of cash bail in Virginia. Not only does cash bail have a disportionately negative impact on low-income individuals and people of color, the current system hurts public safety and straddles localities with a significant financial burden. I made a commitment to my constituents to fight for a stronger, fairer, more effective criminal justice system – and I intend to keep that promise.”

    According to the Prison Policy Initiative, 92 percent of defendants in 2012 who were detained for failure to post bail had been unable to pay a bail bond of $5,000 or less and 70% of individuals detained in jail are being held pretrial, technically innocent. The letter sent to Mr. Ebert documents substantial evidence that the cash bail is more than 10 times more expensive than pretrial release programs and more likely to let dangerous criminals onto the streets.

  • Swing Left expands map to target 7 additional competitive House races
    Grassroots organization dedicated to flipping the House blue in 2018 adds KS-02, KY-06, NC-09, NJ-03, NM-02, OH-01, VA-07, bringing total to 78 Swing Districts

    WASHINGTON (May 3, 2018)—Swing Left, the national grassroots organization dedicated to flipping the U.S. House of Representatives to Democratic control in 2018, has added seven new Swing Districts currently held by Republican members of Congress to its target map of competitive House races. Swing Left’s 300,000+ volunteers are now working to win 78 midterm races across the country.

    “As the recent strong performance of Democrats in special elections the past two months has demonstrated, GOP incumbents have become increasingly vulnerable, even in areas where Republicans used to think they were safe,” said Ethan Todras-Whitehill, co-founder and executive director of Swing Left. “By expanding Swing Left’s map, we are demonstrating that Democrats have a unique opportunity to win not just in purple districts, but to make critical inroads in traditionally red seats that are no longer safe for Republicans who have pushed historically unpopular policies that are deeply damaging to the interests of everyday Americans around the country.”

    The new Swing Districts were chosen based on several factors. First, the better than expected performance of Democrats in special elections shows that even more districts are at play than in recent elections. These districts in particular are all rated as “lean Republican” by the Cook Political Report. Further, Swing Left conducted an informal online survey of volunteers regarding expanding its map, and found that volunteers wanted Swing Left to remain focused on key districts, while audiences on social media encouraged more aggressive expansion. Other volunteers reached out to make the case for specific districts. The decision to expand into seven additional districts, therefore, represents a limited expansion when compared to other options. Finally, these districts represent new geographic areas for Swing Left—including three new states—giving our volunteer base more Swing Districts near deep blue cities and university towns where Swing Left volunteers are ready to swing into action and make a crucial difference in tight races.

    The seven new Swing Districts are:
    KS-02, which includes Topeka, and Lawrence, home of University of Kansas.
    KY-06, encompassing Lexington and the state capital of Frankfort, and is Swing Left’s first Kentucky district.
    NC-09, a great opportunity for progressives in nearby Charlotte to get involved.
    NJ-03, which stretches from the Philadelphia suburbs to the Jersey Shore.
    NM-02, spanning the southern half of the state and includes part of Albuquerque, and Swing Left’s first New Mexico district.
    OH-01, which includes much of Cincinnati, and is Swing Left’s first Ohio district.
    VA-07 in central Virginia, including the suburbs of Richmond.
    With the addition of these seven new districts, Swing Left is now targeting 78 seats in the 2018 midterm elections. To win back control of the House, Democrats need to defend 18 seats won by a Democrat in the last election and flip at least 23 Republican seats. Swing Left consists of more than 300,000 volunteers across the country who are supporting the Democratic nominees in these races in three ways: voter contact, grassroots fundraising and making sure their peers know this midterm election is just as important as a presidential one. Swing Left volunteers have already held more than 1,500 voter contact events, and grassroots donors have given more than $5 million through Swing Left and other allied organizations to directly support the eventual Democratic nominees in each of these Swing Districts.

    In expanding the map, Swing Left encourages individuals and groups who want to get involved in these Swing Districts or others to sign up at http://www.swingleft.org/join.

  • Good to see…was wondering if this would happen!

    Huffstetler Statement on Nominating Convention

    CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – In advance of the Fifth Congressional District Democratic Convention on May 5th, Roger Dean (RD) Huffstetler released the following statement today:

    Democrats in the Fifth District have made it loud and clear through local caucuses that they want Leslie Cockburn to be our nominee to take on Tom Garrett this fall. Leslie worked extremely hard to earn that distinction, achieving viability in all 23 localities and winning an outright majority of delegates. She and her team are to be congratulated on executing on their strategy with precision and enthusiasm, and she’ll be formally nominated on Saturday at the Fifth District Democratic Convention in Farmville.

    I am proud of the campaign that we ran, but Saturday is a day to come together as Democrats and refocus on our joint mission of defeating Tom Garrett. I look forward to speaking at the convention about the importance of that undertaking. Earlier today, I notified my delegates to the convention that I do not expect them to vote for me on the first ballot, and I encouraged them to support the presumptive nominee. The House Freedom Caucus is a cancer on our country, and we must do everything we can to make Tom Garrett a one-term congressman.

    • Kenneth Ferland

      That is a nice gesture on Huffstetlers part, I suspect that Sneathern will do the same. My understanding was that delegates are pledged on the first ballot so it should like he is officially releasing them? I’m not sure how the rules work on this. If he officially drops out like Cullop did then the delegates are certainly released because he would not be one of the options to vote for.

    • Kenneth Ferland

      That is a nice gesture on Huffstetlers part, I suspect that Sneathern will do the same. My understanding was that delegates are pledged on the first ballot so it should like he is officially releasing them? I’m not sure how the rules work on this. If he officially drops out like Cullop did then the delegates are certainly released because he would not be one of the options to vote for.