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Video: Corey Stewart Says He Will Win Nomination But Claims National, Virginia GOP Conspiring Against Him and His Pro-Trump, “America First” Campaign


According to Corey Stewart, standing in front of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) a few minutes ago, the NRSC is up to its “old tactics” of “trying to choose the candidate who is going to get the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate” from Virginia. According to Stewart, it’s not just the NRSC, but also the Republican National Committee (RNC) and the Virginia GOP – “they’re all together.” According to Stewart, his opponent Nick Freitas is a “nice guy,” but “he’s a stooge for the establishment…[to] keep anti-establishment Republicans, those who are going to support President Trump [and] the America First agenda…off the ballot.” Despite all these forces (supposedly) arrayed against him and the “smug party insiders,” Corey vows that he will win the Republican nomination on June 12. Personally, as a Democrat and strong Tim Kaine supporter, I am looking forward to June 13 – whichever extremist Republicans end up nominating. )

  • Anthony Shifflett

    I am hoping that Corey wins the race. He’s known here, and will help us clean out Republicans in the Manassas area.

    Keep at it Corey. Please proceed.

    I see that Comstock is running really scared these days. She’s pretty much a zombie with my neighbors.

  • Harry

    Stewart and his band of white supremacists, neo- Nazis and pedophiles will likely win the primary and then go down in flames and hopefully move back to Minnesota.

  • James McCarthy

    Indeed!!! BlueVirginia ought to support poor Corey’s battle against the cannibalism being practiced by the state and national GOP. Underdog Corey is so attractive.

  • civilemike

    Stewart will rip kaine apart, especially in the debates, and expose him for the pelosi/schumer lapdog that he is. kaine will sweat and look scared like he did when he debated VP Pence – I cant wait to see it.

    • Satire? Snark?

      • springfieldgirl


    • ameri…canwork

      Stewart will be able to expose McAuliffe, Kaine and the AFLCIO for their protection of illegal aliens operating in the Commonwealth committing illegal commerce as illegal employers/unlicensed contractors without Va . Employment Commission Accounts and the fact 6 hat these crews are not compliant with the Va. Unemployment Compensation Act.