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Video: Jennifer Wexton Releases TV Ad That “Proudly Sounds Like Democrats, Promotes Democratic Values”


I just got a press release on Sen. Jennifer Wexton’s first TV ad (see below) in her VA-10 Congressional campaign. I’m currently thinking through who, if anyone, to endorse in VA-10, and this ad is frankly exactly what I wanted to see from the leading VA-10 Democratic candidate to take on the godawful Rep. Barbara Comstock (R). Below the video, check out my colleague Adam Siegel’s tweet, which echoes my feelings almost exactly: this ad “proudly sounds like Democrats, promotes Democratic values — on issue after issue supporting by most Americans.” I also love the line, “I’ll show Donald Trump how progressive we are in Virginia.” In short, nice job by Sen. Wexton’s campaign on this one!

P.S. Per the press release, the ad “will begin running digitally today and on television next week.”

P.P.S. Also should note that this is such a nice contrast with the tweet I saw first thing this morning, by VA-10 Democratic candidate Dan Helmer, who actually said we should elect more Democrats AND Republicans, as long as they are veterans. Several of us piled on the tweet, and Helmer took it down after an hour or two, but still…WTF???

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